It is feeling GOOD!!!!!!!!
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Sunday Morning was 48 degrees. This morning was 49 degrees. Fellas, this makes me dream of bow season!

From: otcWill
Dang near everything makes me dream of bowhuntn :)

From: Burly
Yes it does.

From: M.Pauls
It was 105 here on Saturday, but I know watcha mean. A cool morning always kicks me into full rut

Most everything here as well. But, when it is mid 90's in the shade with 90% humidity, its hard to focus. :^)

From: Bowbender
"Dang near everything makes me dream of bowhuntn :)"


From: 12yards
It's been warm in MN after April. May, June and July have been above normal for sure. I hate it.

Stay cool Justin. It's comin' !

From: Brotsky
53 days and a wake up.....

From: drycreek
After a parched last half of May, and all of June, we are finally getting rain here in ETexas. Too late for my beans and peas, but maybe the clover will kick up a little. Regardless, it's not in the high nineties the last couple weeks, and that's a good thing.

4 Days in CA and cool 101 degrees. Gonna cool down to 79 for opening day. Yippeee.. Maybe the ticks will freeze.

From: carcus
Can't wait, heat wave here in Manitoba, maybe put new strings on the elk and moose killer day and start the tuning

From: JB
I can echo 12 Yards’ feelings. Too damn hot here in MN. Hard to practice when the gnats are swimming in your sweat...

From: Jaquomo
It's been in the 40s many mornings at my place, and when it feels like September the sap starts flowing..

It’s fishing season, hunting can wait.

From: Scoot
93 humid and windy here today. Yuck!

From: BC
Been pretty hot in the northeast but I know what you mean. Love it when we get those cool mornings at the end of August.

From: Paul@thefort
I just biked 22 miles and my butt is burning. Just like elk hunting the mountains, ie, it is feeling good. my best, Paul

From: JTV
I'm working on arrow set-ups now... was out last Sat. cutting two new trails into two new stand locations, still need to finish up on the last one..... then I need to go back to two more and add brite eyes...then, go in and cut two or three trails back in to locations I had last season as the grass/ weeds have grown back up head high .. trying to keep up with 40+ locations is a big job ... weather wise, it is still warm, 80's day time, high 60's to 70's over night....


Billyvanness 's embedded Photo
Billyvanness 's embedded Photo
Took this out my window this morning....really looking forward to bulls keeping me up all night

From: rallison
I'm just a lowly Wisconsin whitetail hunter who's number one spot is in the Wisconsin River flood plains. Jungle like tangled vegetation, and any summer scouting requires a machete to chop your way through the mosquitoes! They are seriously bad in those thick, standing water lowlands. It's not uncommon to see deer bust outa there in mid day and roll around in the river...I never would've believed it if I hadn't seen I don't know how thr critters can take it.

Anyway, I won't venture in there until after a hard, killing I save that honey hole for pre-rut and beyond.

Recently retired, so I'm really amped up for unlimited time to hammer the rut!

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