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Tracking Lights?
Whitetail Deer
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From: Rob in VT

Rob in VT's embedded Photo
Rob in VT's embedded Photo
I was fortunate to take this Vermont 6pt Saturday afternoon which dressed out at 156lbs. The shot was liver and the went a ways. He wasn’t leaving a lot of blood and the track was slow, but we did find him after several hours.

As I get older (age 54), the eyes aren’t what they use to be. What type of lighting to you older hunters use to see better when tracking? My head lamp and small flashlight wasn’t cutting it. Fortunately I had my daughter and future son in law (in their mid 20s) and they were finding the next drop of blood.

Thanks Rob

battery powered qbeam million candlepower. couple back up batteries and a duracell lithium powered flashlight. the flashlight is super bright but i dont know the lumens.

From: T Mac
I like the fenix line of flashlights. The PD 35 is a small powerhouse. Pricey but well worth it for my tired eyes.

From: Supernaut
I've always liked my Mag Lites for finding blood. I don't know if it's my eyes or the light the Mags produce but I just seem to be able to pick up blood form their light better than anything else. I always have a mini Mag on me and a bigger one in the truck.

From: T Mac
I like the fenix line of flashlights. The PD 35 is a small powerhouse. Pricey but well worth it for my tired eyes.

From: milnrick
We've been using Black and Decker's rechargeable LED lights for a few years - or at least since Craftsman quit making their 12V rechargeable light/lanterns.

They're extremely bright, don't wash out the blood droplets and are easy on wallet.

From: olebuck
thank me later. these are the best i have ever seen.



From: stagetek
If I anticipate being out there awhile, I'll use my double mantel Coleman lantern.

From: Rock
The Fenix headlamp I have is like strapping a auto headlight onto my head.

From: T Mac
Yes agreed Rock. The Fenix head lamp is great. I have and like many of their products.

From: Rob in VT
Thanks Guys, much appreciated!

From: APauls
Whatever kind of light it is it better use lithium 18650's as a battery source. Something like the SOFIRN 6000 lumen flashlight. I can light up the moon with it. It takes 4-18650's and in a headlamp I have a SOFIRN 1200 lumen headlamp. All are rechargeable, but legitimately rechargeable. Each 18650 is an individual lithium cell. They're a gamechanger. Headlights aren't even this bright. Stuff like this is cheap now on amazon.

From: Inshart
APauls, what kind of battery life does it have? Says "up to 45 days in eco mode"??????

From: esean
I'm 59. No problem with a moderately bright LED headlamp - in my case a Zebralight on medium power - for blood trailing. I switch to high for scanning in the distance.

From: Milhouse
I use a DeWalt 20 volt with rechargeable batteries.... it obviously stays in the pickup until it's needed, but it will light up a track light daylight, and last a long time on a 5 amp hour battery.

From: Buffalo1
Basic Coleman lantern (propane or Coleman fuel style).

From: Shawn
Yup coleman lantern with foil wrapped around back side so it don't blind you. Plenty of wide light and great to hang in a tree when it comes time to gutting! Shawn

From: Phil/VA
I really like the 40KAP from Sniper Hog Lights. Very bright and can be adjusted from spot to flood and from dim to bright.


From: LKH
Brother had an incandescent and I an led. mine didn't show the blood very well in spite of similar power. Seems to be the light frequency is the problem

Best is a white gas lantern with a reflective handle.

From: BowSniper

BowSniper's Link
My new tracking light for when things get tough is a hand held 1000 lumen USB rechatgeable light from walmart. Casts a bright wide circle of light, good hand size, and cheap at less than $20 with no batteries ever needed!

From: GF
You know....

Somebody recently posted the comment that incandescent light is much better than LED, but I don’t think I got an answer as to why that might be...

Anybody have a thought??

From: Teeton
I also agree that led lights just dont make blood shine. I use a led headlight just for walking in and out, for there size and battery life.

But for blood tracking its a incandescent bulbed light for me. Ed

From: Wild Bill
Rob, Nice buck, congratulations.

I've found that with the light lower to the ground, the blood reflects better to the observers eyes. Much the way oldtimers used a white gas coleman lantern with a bail type handle, the light reflects back up. Therefore, as the blood drops may space farther apart, I get on my knees and hold the light lower to the ground ahead of me.

From: APauls
Inshart sorry I don't know, I've never killed it yet lol. I just recharge it every couple months.

From: Shuteye
Coleman lantern. I put some aluminum foil around the back of the light so most of the light if ahead and not in my eyes. When you find the deer, hang the lantern in a tree and field dress. The lantern will also warm you up after you take off your jacket to field dress. I always field dress when I get to the deer. I never leave a deer overnight to track in the morning. If I need help I have a cousin that is a phone call away and four eyes are better than two. We have tracked a couple hundred over the last 60 years.

From: Huntiam
I have a coonhunting belt light I’ve used for yrs to track with charge it one time a yr and leave it in truck it has never went dead on me

From: JL
Rob, if your eyes are getting weak, have you checked to see if you have cataracts? For tracking lights, I have two lights like the one attached. They are small, well constructed and will light up a very large area so you can look ahead of the track. This one is 32000 lumens. I seen another that is 38000 lumens. They use rechargeable batteries. I use them for anything at night. I wasn't allowed to post this as a link so you'll need to copy/paste it over.


From: Bowman
For your purposes I would recommend you this collapsible LED lantern https://www.thegrommet.com/products/vont-collapsible-led-lantern-set-of-2. It is very bright and small and that’s what you need if I understand you right. To add details, Three AA batteries provide hours of extremely bright light. The pull-out/push-in operation works great, and has the hidden benefit of being usable as a dimmer. If you want less light, just pull it halfway open. You can also wrap your hand around half of it to create more of a directional lamp or flashlight. Military-grade materials, water-resistant and shock-proof, lifetime guarantee, 140 Lumens. It is what you actually need, bright but light lantern.

From: Bowslinger2
If you are smart you should bring a pair of reading glasses with you . It makes things pop and sharper and clearer. Give it a try.

From: Mint
I use to use the Fenix but i think the Coast Flash lights are even better and they are less than 1/2 the price at Lowes.

From: 2Wild Bill
I bought the Hyper Tough from Walmart as BowSniper suggested and it will be with me for evening/overcast hunts.

From: luckyman26
Congratulations on a great catch! Apparently, your experience as a hunter helps you. It's incredible that you can still shoot such a game

From: DanaC
Even of you have an expensive 'name brand' light, a cheap back-up in your bag is a must. Had my best, most expensive light fail more than once. Get a ten-dollar headlight from Walmart and keep good batteries in it.

From: fuzzy
Since Joey Ward seems to be AWOL I'll fill in with a smarty pants reply. "I use a flare gun and track fast"

From: fdp

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