Tension release hunting, Silverback?
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Anyone hunt with a tension release aid? Not a hinge release or a thumb trigger but a pure tension based release like John Dudley’s Silverback? I’ve been training with one for a month now and curious about the possibility of hunting with one? We take about 30-40 Bowhunters per year for guided hunts at but never had anyone hunt with a tension release. Have you? Any disastrous moments?

I used the Carter Back Strap tension release for two years until I was able to transition back to an index finger release. Killed my biggest elk and a moose those two years. Although I now use an index finger release, I always cause it to fire by pulling through the shot, never by squeezing the trigger. My son still uses a Back Strap and shoots lights out on both targets and animals.

As far as disastrous moments go, I’d say that’s exactly what they help prevent. They help a person develop a surprise release, which is the key for shooting accurately and under control.

My wife has hunted with the silverback for 3 seasons and has killed 4 bucks with it. Three of them heart shots. Granted they were all 25 yards and closer. It’s been a game changer for her, struggling with target panic/buck fever. I also bought her the “nock 2 it” but she quickly reverts to punching the trigger. Dudley’s new “Back Strap” release would have been easier for her to transition to. I might get one for my daughter to try. She tends to swipe an index release.

I’m sure at some point a tension release will cost them a shot a deer but I’d rather have them make an accurate controlled shot under pressure.

From: linehunter
I’ve hunted the carter evolution and the hamskea before they discontinued it with no issues. I’ve made great shots, and it with Joel Turners help have really helped my target panic.

From: bowhunter24
Dudley's "back strap" release is in stock.

^^^ What Bowhunter24 said. I ordered one yesterday. Hoping to spend a lot of time practicing with it as both a tension and index finger release this year.

From: Boatman71
I hunt with a Silverback, cannot say it is for everyone, but it works for me. I shoot thousands upon thousands of arrows all year long so it really is kind of second nature. As with most anything, the more you use it, the easier it is to use. My advice to anyone that purchases a resistance style release, practice - patience-practice-patience ;-)

From: Yellowjacket
I've hunted with a Stan Element release for years. Can't think of any instances where I couldn't get the shot off I wanted and have killed everything from turkeys to moose with it.

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