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Favorite Breakfast Sausage recipe
Mule Deer
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SBH 20-Feb-21
Rob Nye 20-Feb-21
JSW 20-Feb-21
Treeline 20-Feb-21
Norseman 20-Feb-21
btnbuck 20-Feb-21
Jasper 20-Feb-21
butcherboy 20-Feb-21
PAOH 21-Feb-21
SBH 21-Feb-21
goelk 12-Jul-21
Treeline 12-Jul-21
butcherboy 12-Jul-21
INbowdude 13-Jul-21
varmint101 17-Jul-21
From: SBH
Winter has settled in around these parts. Not much to do. Think I'll thaw a deer today and grind up some breakfast sausage tomorrow. Anyone want to share their favorite recipe?

From: Rob Nye
High Mountain seasonings have some good spice mixes. I use about 1/2 the recommended cure and add some mustard seed. Really like their Mountain Man blend always a crowd pleaser.

From: JSW
I agree with Rob. High Mountain are the best store bought mixes that I've found. I've used Gamekeeper mixes but you have to double it up. With Gamekeeper you need 2-5# mixes to do 5#. If you do that, it's pretty good. I would like to hear from anyone who makes their own mix. I've tried it and not come up with anything as good as the High Mountain.

From: Treeline
This is awesome and you can mix it with ingredients that you have in your spice rack:

Breakfast Sausage:

5 pounds of coarse ground venison

5 pounds of coarse ground pork butt

10 teaspoons sea salt

2.5 teaspoons rubbed sage

2.5 teaspoons coarse ground black pepper

2.5 teaspoons dried thyme

2.5 teaspoons crushed red pepper

2.5 teaspoons coriander

5 teaspoons Cayenne

Notes: Recipe calls for dried parsley and MSG (Accent). I didn’t have any so left it out. Turned out excellent! Probably need to adjust a bit for teaspoons to tablespoons when doing these bigger batches. Vac sealed in 1# bags and flattened out for the freezer.

We go through a ton of this stuff!

From: Norseman
Hog maple venison

From: btnbuck
My recipe I got from a buddy years ago is simple and good.

3Lbs. venison, 1Lb. pork shoulder

1Lb. pork shoulder

1Lb. pork fat or pork trimmings

3Tbs. rubbed sage

1Tbs crushed red pepper

2Tbs. kosher salt

2Tbs. medium ground black pepper

1 cup Ice water.

Mix/dissolve the spices in the water then mix into the meat.

From: Jasper
Old Plantation #10 seasoning is awesome! You can get it at Amazon

From: butcherboy
I use pre packaged mixes for pretty much everything I make. My favorite and what we have used for 30 years is Legg’s Old Plantation. Of course, I use a lot of different seasonings from other companies and not just Legg’s. I like their breakfast sausage a lot though and they have many different blends.

From: PAOH
Con Yeager Blueberry Maple mix.

From: SBH
Thanks fellas!

From: goelk
treeline can i make breakfast sausage out frozen deer hamburger. i have quite bit hamburger left. thanks

From: Treeline
Sure, Rick, I do it all the time!

From: butcherboy
Yep, just add the appropriate amount of pork fat or pork meat to your hb.

From: INbowdude
I like LEM's.

From: varmint101

varmint101's embedded Photo
varmint101's embedded Photo
Love this one!

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