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firemen 11-Apr-21
Rik Davis 13-Apr-21
Bow Crazy 21-Apr-21
mgmicky 21-Apr-21
KHNC 21-Apr-21
lewis 21-Apr-21
Pickahair 28-Apr-21
GF 29-Apr-21
From: firemen
who makes the best liquid lime?

From: Rik Davis
I hate to sound like a jerk, but there are few liquid lime products that will do the job of a powdered or pelletized lime. Many companies like to advertise that their liming product does the job of x pounds of dolomite for example. Unfortunately, unless the calcium carbonate equivalent is equal to dry lime ( anywhere from 75 to 110 CCE) it will not perform the same. If you must have a liquid, you can use something like Camidil which has a screen size of about 350. It can be mixed with water with good agitation and pumped out, but it can be a royal pain and mess to use without the right equipment. Just do't let anyone tell you a liquid lime will outperform dry unless the pounds of calcium carbonate and CCE are equal.

From: Bow Crazy
What about liquid fertilizer - any science behind that? In what amounts? BC

From: mgmicky
I agree with Rik. You simply cannot get that amount of Ca through a typical sprayer (some hydroseeder machines can do it). Liquid fertilizer technology has come a long way in recent years. There are plenty of slow release, quality liquid fert options now. Most of them will feed 6-8 weeks, if you want something that feeds several months your best option is usually granular...

From: KHNC
i used Plot Start this year. But it may be a jeff sturgis scam, dunno

From: lewis
I used Plot start last year and had an incredible crop of soybeans and we used to grow them commercially. I don’t know if that had any thing to do with the results but it didn’t hurt for sure.Good luck Lewis

From: Pickahair
Mojo k 20 water soluble, in addition to soil ph amendments you get 8% N and 40% K with it

From: GF
I like Rose’s....

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