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NM Elk OFs who specialize in waterholes?
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welka 11-Jul-21
jingalls 11-Jul-21
Red Sparky 11-Jul-21
PREZ 28-Jul-21
DonVathome 28-Jul-21
Shiras42 28-Jul-21
elkmtngear 28-Jul-21
Norseman 28-Jul-21
Dyjack 28-Jul-21
From: welka
Getting up there in years and can hoof it only about a mile and still want to have a chance at hunting elk in NM. Anyone know any Outfitters or Guides who specialize in hunting over waterholes (am and pm)? Thanks

From: jingalls
PM sent.

From: Red Sparky
I don't know of any guides that do. The nice thing about NM is you can find elk from rolling piƱon/juniper flats to steep as all get out mountains. There are several units that are not super steep, have roads that allow access, and you still have a decent chance at getting an elk. The hard part is drawing the tag unless you want to buy a landowner tag.

From: PREZ
Royal Trophy Outfitters....seen some videos from them and a lot of hunts are over water.

From: DonVathome
There is a lot of potential in NM sitting water, even when ignoring the fact you can prepare shooting lanes, range everything beforehand and Be as prepared as you can for a shot. Those are huge advantages. Many elk hunters have yet to catch on to Eastern whitetail tree stand strategies. I suspect many outfitters do it but few specialize in it - so find one with a several stands with cameras.

From: Shiras42
PM sent.

From: elkmtngear

elkmtngear's embedded Photo
elkmtngear's embedded Photo
NM 2019, taken over a waterhole after just an hour of putting up the hang-on stand (Public Land, unguided)

That being said, most of our encounters have been morning "run and gun", and we tend to sit water in evenings.

From: Norseman
Not sure about now, but back in the day no one could touch USO when it came to locking up waterholes in NM

From: Dyjack
There's some outfitters on unit 4 private ranches that primarily put their clients in tree stands over water. I don't think the trophy quality is worth the price they probably charge, but it's in the eye of the tagholder.

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