Bow Noise
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Reggiezpop 19-Jul-21
Kurt 19-Jul-21
greg simon 19-Jul-21
GhostBird 19-Jul-21
Zim 20-Jul-21
From: Reggiezpop
How does everyone test for bow noise? A quick search has decibel meters fairly inexpensive. What is defined as a loud bow? Does a 20 dB difference truly make a difference, or am I overthinking things?

From: Kurt
I use a dB app on the iPhone (nearly free) checked out well with a $2,000 meter we used at work. I set it on the ground under the bow and shoot kneeling. Gives me repeatable data that I can compare various bows, arrow weights, with or without quiver, etc. Interesting results.

From: greg simon
Never saw the need for any meter. I just use my ears. I figure if its loud to me its loud to a critter.

From: GhostBird
I put a silencer on my bow... a heavy arrow.

From: Zim
Another vote for a heavy arrow to lower the noise (suspect that’s what you are really interested in). Not to mention heavier arrows perform better in terms of terminal ballistics and are easier to tune.

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