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Nock Low Tear
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ChasingFAHL 25-Jul-21
Bowfreak 26-Jul-21
MA-PAdeerslayer 26-Jul-21
x-man 26-Jul-21
Wild Bill 26-Jul-21
From: ChasingFAHL
I have a Hoyt Axius 28.5" draw 60 lb limbs with 30" Easton Axis Match Grade 340's with 125 gr up front. They tear nock low regardless of what I do. I went to pro shop and they couldn't fix it. We moved rest, we moved nocking point and everything is in time. I dropped to 100 grain up front and no change. My Easton Hexx 330 cut at 29" are shooting bullet holes. I can't figure this one out. Any thoughts?

From: Bowfreak
The 340s are too weak. Weak spine and poor nick travel issues will often show up as bad tears vertically. The easiest thing to do is to cut a few inches off that arrow. It has to be sticking out way past your riser.

Yeah I say cut the arrow and see what happens. Sounds like your spines not stiff enough

From: x-man
Start by backing out the lower limb bolt a half turn. Report those results back here.

From: Wild Bill
Did you try raising your brace height?

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