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Curious how many use rangefinding.......
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Rut Nut 27-Jul-21
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Rut Nut 27-Jul-21
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keepemsharp 27-Jul-21
Dale06 27-Jul-21
Rut Nut 27-Jul-21
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Two Feathers 01-Aug-21
From: Rut Nut
.................sights on your bow. I have a friend that has one on his compound and another who has the crossbow version.

I don;t think I'd ever pay that kind of money on a sight, but I know for many price is not an issue. I probably wouldn;t buy one just because I don;t personally like the idea of taking that part (range estimation) out of the hunt.

I don;t want to get into a debate, though. That new pop up add for that Oracle sight just got me wondering how prevalent they are in the woods.

From: Buckeye
I do it the old fashion way, range trees, logs , whatever and the range finder goes back in the bag. lol... I did shoot one on a friends bow a couple years ago. It was nice but I don't see myself ever forking over the cash for one. my thought was, the moment that monster offered a shot the battery would die!

From: White Falcon
Same as ^^

From: DanaC
Give it a few years and the price will drop.

From: Rut Nut
LOL! Same here Buckeye! : )

From: Mark S
I use a range finder but won’t use one on my bow as it crosses the line for me

From: Oryx35
I'm with Mark

From: keepemsharp
Only two ranges, close enough and too far.

From: Dale06
The old fashioned way is estimation by eye, no laser. I use a Leica range finder, and like it a lot. A friend has one of the $1000 ones that attaches to bow, it ranges the target, and sets an optical pin at the appropriate spot. He likes it. I’m not dropping a grand on a sight.

From: Rut Nut
Yeah, I’m not talking about a handheld range finder..............I use one to range objects ahead of time around my stand.

I’m talking about the automatic range finding sights mounted on your compound bow.................

From: Shuteye
Same as Buckeye.

From: APauls

From: PECO
A grand? I won't even drop that much on a bow. I wouldn't use it anyway even if I were given one and I'm pretty sure they are illegal here in Colorado.

From: HDE
That's just another stupid thing to have to think about when shooting.

It's bad enough having to level the sight window and operate a release aid...

From: EMB
Murphy's law can and will raise it's ugly head at the worst possible time. I'm with Buckeye on this one nor will I drop a grand for the sight. However, if it makes you happy, by all means.

From: StickFlicker
Not that everyone will care, but for those that do, using one makes your kill ineligible for P&Y and B&C entry.

From: 12yards
I'm with keepemsharp. And the older I get the shorter "close enough" is.

From: Errorhead
I'm sure that would use a battery? Batteries fail at the wrong times!

From: GF
“ I do it the old fashion way, range trees, logs , whatever and the range finder goes back in the bag. lol...”


Funny thing is that I shot our course with a guy who had one of the computerized sights, and he wasn’t up for taking any long pokes, even on the big 3Ds like the Elk…

From: Candor
I used to be down to a 1/2 yard with my eye (when done before a deer walked out). Now I misjudge stuff all the time because i have gotten used to my rangefinder.

I don't think I would like the weight of that rangefinder on the bow or the vulnerability I would feel in the event of dropping it or banging it on my stand. But that is an ignorant perspective in that I do not know if they are robust.

ive seen em and played with em. I went back and forth. idt id pull the trigger tho. the do seem robust tho. not sure id throw it off the stand but you get the point.

From: Two Feathers
A long time ago, in pre seasson, before range finders I used to step off the distance to different trees and and spray paint the distance on the trees. It worked for me.

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