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inReach vs. Zoleo
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iceman 28-Jul-21
EliteFan 28-Jul-21
iceman 30-Jul-21
Nick Muche 30-Jul-21
Sean D. 01-Aug-21
iceman 02-Aug-21
jingalls 02-Aug-21
AZ8 02-Aug-21
From: iceman
Just found out about the Zoleo product. I've watched some videos on it on YouTube. Was wondering if anyone here has one and how it compares to an inReach.

Opinions on which one is better and why. To be used strictly for hunts and then not used the rest of the year.


From: EliteFan
I like the Zoleo for the fact that you can continue your same conversation on your chats when you are in cell service or have wifi. I also have an Inreach but have been impressed with the Zoleo so far. I need to be in communication at all times for work so I take them both on my trips "just in case" but predominantly use the Zoleo for the reasons stated above.

From: iceman
I gotcha. Thanks for the reply

From: Nick Muche
Does Zoleo use the Iridium network? If so, it should preform well in most every location.

From: Sean D.
I have an InReach, my buddies have Zoleo. Theirs seem to be way faster than mine

From: iceman
Not sure, Nick. Will look into that though.

From: jingalls
I have inreach. Is the zoleo less expensive to use? Asking for a friend!-)

From: AZ8
Zoleo uses the Iridium satellite network.

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