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Sevr 2.0 for elk?
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Landman 01-Sep-21
TJS 01-Sep-21
Trial153 01-Sep-21
LINK 01-Sep-21
walleyes 03-Sep-21
Ucsdryder 14-Sep-21
nmwapiti 14-Sep-21
Bowfreak 14-Sep-21
Sivart 15-Sep-21
Bowfinatic 15-Sep-21
Hondolane 15-Sep-21
Hondolane 16-Sep-21
gil_wy 17-Sep-21
From: Landman
Anyone used the Sevr 2.0 for elk? love some feedback

From: TJS
I used the 1.5 for the reason of trying to get more penetration.

It worked well!

From: Trial153
With the penetration I got last year one deer with a 2.0…. I wouldn’t use it for elk.

From: LINK
I use the titanium 1.5

From: walleyes
Shoot 2 deer and 2 bears with the sect 2.0 to try expandables for the first time in 10 years. I did not take the elk hunting due to penetration I experienced. But may try again for deer and bear.

From: Ucsdryder
Don’t go with the 2.0, use the 1.5 for elk. This coming from a guy shooting 84lbs that killed a bull with the 2.0 and had long talks with designers from Sevr after the kill.

From: nmwapiti
Uc for the win. I've only tried to kill deer with them so far, but assumed the 1.5 would be more appropriate for elk.

From: Bowfreak
The 1.5 is a good option but I would choose the Trypan. You will get good penetration with the Trypan and it will put way more blood on the ground. The 1.5 is a penetrating fool but it cuts less tissue than I think it should. Probably something to do with the pivoting blades. It just doesn't produce the best blood trails.

From: Sivart
I've killed 3 elk w/ the Sevr 2.0 now. I too, didn't love the penetration. Broadhead stopped at offside rib on each elk. I had decent blood trails, but not great. Shooting 440 grain arrow 290 fps. I tune my bow to shoot fixed blades, but I still group better w/ the Sevrs, which is why I've used them. I've had good luck with the Hypodermics in the past with elk, but I really don't love the no collar. Seems like they take more energy to open than the collars did.

X2 for the trypan. Have buddies who have bad penetration experience with sevr

From: Hondolane

From: Hondolane

From: gil_wy

gil_wy's embedded Photo
gil_wy's embedded Photo
Frontal shot… best blood trail I’ve ever followed. This was the Ulmer w/ 1.5” cut. The 2” would concern me with a lighter set-up.

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