Butcher Needed
Whitetail Deer
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Kilroy66 11-Sep-21
spike78 11-Sep-21
Hancock West 12-Sep-21
Rocky D 12-Sep-21
GF 12-Sep-21
From: Kilroy66
Looking for a CT based butcher in Lower CT , Greenwich, Danbury or Ridgefield. Hopefully this season provides the need for a butcher. Thanks in advance!

From: spike78
Your probably better off posting in CT forum.

From: Hancock West
If you cant find a local guy ship it to Woods Smoked Meats in Bwing Green Mo. They have fantastic summer sausage with cheese as well as jalapeno and cheese. My favorite is the dried salami which is basically hang dried summer sausage. Best ive tried & worth the shipping cost!

From: Rocky D

Rocky D's Link
Here’s an old thread, I don’t know if the location works.

From: GF
DIY, man!

I’m in the area and I’d be happy to give you pointers/walk you through it. I’m not fast, but I do good work.

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