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Ground squirrels chewing into tents?
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DonVathome 14-Sep-21
Jordan 14-Sep-21
smarba 14-Sep-21
DonVathome 15-Sep-21
Z Barebow 15-Sep-21
From: DonVathome
Ever have any rodent chew to get into your tent? I never have but had some aggressive ground squirrels in Alaska go into my open tent - a small tent, all the way in and to the back, poop in there and pop my air mattress when gone 1 day. I zippered it up and they only got into the foyer, and I never left food inside. Worried at some point they would chew a hole in................

From: Jordan
They love to chew on the parts where you any lines. I am sure it is mice or any other varmint with a craving to chew on salty things. Had a nice half floor solo shelter get all its lines chewed on year. Little bastards.

From: smarba
had a rodent chew 1/3 way through my pack waist belt one night, I had to assume it was from the salt.

From: DonVathome
Thanks, I figured they likely would not chew into tents. At night? THANKS carl:) I thought everything was safe at night! Seriously though I have had rodents chewing snacks right next to my head a few times at night. Distracting. One trip to NM, the same placed/time of year as many times before mice were BAD. Actually Carl I was in your dad's canvas wall tent at the time! The instant the lights went out they were everywhere, even running across my sleeping bag. It was crazy.

From: Z Barebow
My Kodiak tent has been chewed up several times. I am pretty sure it was a pine squirrel. It chewed the screen and indoor door flap. Same camp site, I had other screens chewed on.

I had different tent with a hole chewed in floor. (My fault) I had food in tent and mice went looking.

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