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Bare shaft tuning
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Jack Whitmrie jr 16-Sep-21
Grey Ghost 16-Sep-21
Jack Whitmrie jr 16-Sep-21
BUCKeye 16-Sep-21
JC3 17-Sep-21
Anyone bare shaft tune past 20 yards, I sure don't but heard someone say they did at 40 yards.

From: Grey Ghost
Yep, I start at 20, then gradually work my way out to 40. Beyond 40, the weight and drag difference of the bare shaft will cause it to impact higher than the fletched arrows. That said, I don't think it's necessary to go out to 40, but I just enjoy tinkering and seeing how far I can push the limits of my equipment.


I would like to see a video of 40 bare shaft tuning.

From: BUCKeye
I do it with every arrow before fetching it. The ones that bareshaft to 40 get premium graded for the quiver. If I can't get them to bareshaft that far then they get demoted to small game and 3D. This is shooting a compound bow with fingers and I'm not a great I would assume very doable with a release.

From: JC3
I keep a bare shaft in my practice quiver all the time and shoot out to 35 yds. Every couple of days I shoot it to make sure everything is in order. I shoot a recurve with a release (damaged release hand) In theory your bare shaft and fletched arrows should impact in identical spots. Distance from the target is the only thing that will change the vertical impact on the target. The bare shaft will hit a bit higher at longer distances. As I'm sure you know, a properly tuned bare shaft will fly "perfectly" feathers help with a bad release, at least for me.

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