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Heavy spine shafts
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Juancho 18-Sep-21
Tilzbow 18-Sep-21
wildwilderness 18-Sep-21
fubar racin 18-Sep-21
From: Juancho
I am looking to alternatives to Grizzly Sticks. I currently use Momentum TDT 240 and 170. Nothing wrong with them, but I'm looking for a more economical alternative. I'm not concern with inserts , weights , outserts and the like , since I custom make them as needed if not available. They are for my 90# and 100# @ 31.2" recurve bows. One of the problems I came across in the past , was also the length , since I need arrows not shorter than 31.5". For those that want to know , the final weights I use now are 760gr (240's) and 1050gr (170's). Thank you guys for any input.

From: Tilzbow
Gold Tip Kinetic and Black Eagle are two that come in 200 spine.

I just got some of the Gold Tip 200’s. Should work for you

What about some of the discontinued Easton XX78s some were pretty heavy. Very straight strong shafts

From: fubar racin
I think the 200 spine gold tips are only 30 inches

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