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From: TD
A buddy flying back to HI from MT had 3 coolers of cut wrapped and frozen elk meat stolen in a Seattle layover. Had them getting off the smaller plane in Seattle, picked up 3 empty coolers on Maui, meat gone, even took the dry ice. One cooler still had about 10 lbs still frozen in it, no dry ice. Thieves must have run out of space or maybe interrupted in their crime? AK Air said very sorry, file a claim. He wanted to know if they were gonna go after the low lifes.... wants to see somebody swing... they will look into it.

About 150 lbs of meat, mostly elk along with some bison a buddy gave him. What kind of value would you put on it for your "claim"? Guess with the current prices in the market it's gotten pretty valuable. Or maybe an ARA hit? A petaphile?

What could a person do to protect your meat?

From: Bowboy
Put a label on it stating elk feces study and they won’t touch it.

From: smarba
Dang it! That's ridiculous. Market value would be HUGE $$ but I'm betting no way airline will cover that since no receipt or record of value...

The value of the meat would be wrapped up into every penny spent on acquiring it. Travel, tag, cost of transport, processing fee, game bags used if disposable. Swing big, Go hard or go home.

From: Rut Nut
Mark it “CWD meat to be analyzed/studied at University of Hawaii- NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION” ;-)

From: azelkhntr
Wow! That’s audacious on another level. They put all the security up front but no ones watching the rear.

From: Castle Oak
I'm with lungshot on this. In your claim, capture every expense you had leading up to the hunt, during the hunt and return from the hunt.

From: midwest
Lowlife scum

From: JL
That blows big time! Sorry to hear about the dirtbags stealing your meat.

Low life scum for sure Midwest. People suck

From: cnelk
At least value it the current price of beef

From: smarba
Organic, grass fed, hormone-free beef...

From: Kevin Dill
The Seattle TSA group is holding their annual benefit barbecue in two weeks. Halibut, crab legs, sockeye, and lots of great meats donated from all over the place.

From: Ermine
Wow crazy

From: Norseman
Too much dry ice?

From: tradi-doerr
He could file suit for the cost of the hunt plus tips, meat processing fees, and then maybe market value. Talk to an attorney to see one's options.

Lungshot has the correct answer.

From: soccern23ny
sadly they will probably get pennies on the dollar to the actual cost to acquire that meat. I'm sure there's some BS fine print in the airline policy. They'll get paid out some measly per pound equivalent to high end beef and it will be credited as air fare.

From: Bou'bound
There is a market price for elk they will know what that is and it is not the cost of the hunt.

From: Dale06
Sucks, but good luck on collecting the price of the hunt.

From: c3
Just when you think you've seen it all....

God, thankfully I'm incredibly naive and wish this not even on my enemy's

Protect me an mine from the insanity this world is becoming.


That's crazy TD

Damn the luck,


From: Bou'bound

Bou'bound's embedded Photo
Bou'bound's embedded Photo
this will get you in the ballpark

From: Ucsdryder
Cost of trip!? Good luck. Google price of elk meat and do a break down. You’re more likely to get a response than hitting them with a 5000 bill.

From: WapitiBob
$3800 limit is what I read.

That's a bummer.

From: Teeton
I feel for you.. I'm kinda wondering if the dry ice had anything to do with it. At last I knew, you could not fly with any dry ice.. Am I wrong??

From: mountainman
You can generally fly with dry ice. But the amount is limited and most airlines charge you extra for it.

From: TD
Dry ice we have used for some years now, how much is limited, but it's a pretty healthy limit. My friend had the dry ice from check in at Billings to Seattle. By Seattle there would have been less of it than in Billings as it evaporates. If it were that I'd think they would have either removed it or said something when he picked it up on Maui, give themselves an out. The couple packages that made it were still pretty frozen but no dry ice. Could have evaporated or possibly taken with the other meat.

Cameras everywhere at these airports and work schedules etc. He wants em busted as much as any reimbursement. But Seattle is one of those places where crime is becoming a a normalized way to make a living, if arrested at all charges are often just dropped.

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