Shoulder replacement surgery
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From: Arrowone
I just found out I need a complete shoulder replacement of my dominant arm. My pain ranges from moderate to sometimes pretty severe. But for the most part I’m ok living with it for now. Most importantly I was able to draw my bow and had a great season this year. My dilemma is I’m going to Iowa this year in November. Debating if I should have the surgery in 2 months-about when they could get me in, or wait until after my Iowa trip. As an out of stater I pretty much have to commit in May and don’t know what my shoulder will be like in November. Has anyone had the full replacement that can offer advice?

From: Dale06
I’d ask your doctor the question. He/she ought to be able to tell you how soon after surgery you can start bow shooting.

From: rock50
Arrow, I went through all of that ten years ago. As Dale says, ask your surgeon what is possible.

In my case I needed total replacement of both shoulders. After a lot of therapy and strengthening exercises I decided to go ahead with surgery. I had exhausted all alternatives, had switched from right handed to left handed bow and even tried a crossbow for two years. I had a lot of pain and restriction of range of motion and it affected more than bow hunting so it was time to get them fixed.

The ortho surgeon in downstate Illinois where I live essentially said I was done bow hunting. My BIL recommended I check with a surgeon in Chicago, and the second surgeon had a totally different opinion.

I had the left shoulder replaced in December 2012 and the right replaced in June 2013. I was shooting my compound in September at a much reduced poundage. I worked back up to pull 52 pounds easily every time and I am content with that.

I had the benefit of intact rotator cuff components, no tears or stretching. My issue was the osteoarthritis had resulted in the flattening of the top of the humeral bones and the growth of bone spurs in the joint, causing great pain and lack of range of motion.

It's been really good for almost ten years. Find the right surgeon and physical therapist and follow their instructions completely.

I wish you good luck with your decision (and your IA hunt)

From: BigEight
Physical Therapist here. Listen to what Rock said and "exhaust all alternatives". It sounds like Rock had a great outcome but many times the total shoulder is only to relieve pain and not improve function. The Iowa thing definitely throws a wrench in things. If you can stand the pain and still pull back your bow then I personally would wait. Good luck with whatever you decide and go drop one in Iowa.

From: gberb
The best answer/answers I can give you are as follow: 1. After replacement of most joints a person most of the time could physically return to most if not all activities within reason. 2. The problem is usually not "if" but "should" 3. Think of the replacement joint like a tire on your truck. The tires on my truck will will last a lot longer than the tires on my 30 year old son's will because I put less stress on them. 4. The implants these days don't usually wear out or break like they did 30+ years ago but the interface/bond between the implants and your bone can loosen with excessive stress. Trust me when I say: You want to do everything in your power to avoid Revision Shoulder replacement surgery. 5. Even if I could find a Surgeon who would encourage me to pull a 45 lb plus bow with my new total shoulder I probably would not. Good Luck.

From: Buffalo1
Can a dr letter get your points back or license/ permit delayed if you have surgery and unable to hunt in the fall?

I had some family medical issues arise ago and had a hunt schedule and had drawn permit to hunt in Way. I provided medical documentation to Wy game Dept and got my points back, etc. and no loss of future hunt opportunities.

From: Tradmike
I am having complete shoulder replacement soon. My Dr. Says 6 months to a yr for complete recovery.

From: Slate
Everyone is different when it comes to healing it’s an estimate. Do your hunt then get surgery. Trust me been there done that.

From: 12yards
I would also opt for doing the hunt before the surgery. Then try to get it done ASAP after your hunt. Then you have almost a year to get. Do what you need to do to hunt this fall, drop poundage, etc.

From: c5ken

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Nothing is for sure regarding shoulder replacement. Had my right shoulder replaced a few years ago. After going through all the required therapy, etc. was never able shoot the weight i was pulling prior to the replacement. Had to drop from 70 to 60 & now struggle to pull 50#. Botton line....I now hunt with a 50# Mathews Traverse. I'm able to shoot it about 10 times in practice & I'm done.

From: CPAhunter
What is more important - health or hunt?

Do what is going to give you the healthiest outcome for however more days you get to walk the earth.

A crossbow or other weapon is not the most evil alternative sometimes.

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