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soccern23ny 09-Jan-22
From: soccern23ny
It's January 9th and on the front range and I was able to spot 3 bull moose, got to within 70 yards as I was trying to hike past them. Much to my surprise they all had their antlers still. Even more surprising was as I sat above them for an hour, 2 of them started sparring.

It was light stuff, really cool to see and hear, but I never would have suspected moose(or elk or deer) to be sparring this late into the year. They went at it for maybe 10 minutes, broke for 30min and started up again. There was easily about 10 inches of snow on the ground. I wonder if maybe they are trying to assist in knocking them off, or maybe they just want to spar still. IDK, but interesting nonetheless.

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