Something wrong with the Bowsite Search?
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hunt forever 09-Jan-22
SteveB 09-Jan-22
Tilzbow 10-Jan-22
Bou'bound 10-Jan-22
Jack Whitmrie jr 10-Jan-22
SlipShot 10-Jan-22
From: hunt forever
Every time, I try searching on the site I get an error message. Is it on my end or the sites?


From: SteveB
It’s actually easier to search Google for whatever you are looking for and add “Bowsite” to your search

From: Tilzbow
Bowsite has a search function?

From: Bou'bound
Works like a charm for me. Always has.

well not really. has not worked for more than a decade but it really did used to be exceptional. then the platform changed and it would not integrate or something and you need to use google and hope

Never works for me either. Do what SteveB says above.

From: SlipShot
I find that Google search with "Bowsite" in the search terms works the best.

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