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txhunter58 12-Jan-22
Shuteye 12-Jan-22
wilhille 12-Jan-22
soccern23ny 12-Jan-22
DanaC 02-May-22
From: txhunter58

From: Shuteye
I like Gettr and have been on it since it started.

From: wilhille
Great. Hopefully you guys will have a safe place to argue vaccine efficacy and climate change over there.

From: soccern23ny
Rofl. This should be as comical as parler.

Looks to have a nice Chinese backing. Current content rules already exist to help form the neccisary echo chamber yet have sadly already banned far right members... for being too truthful probably(sarcasm). Before it becomes full dumpster fire or unwanted vanilla bean we can only hope the muslims and Saudis use it as much as they did parler.

I've seen puppets that arent controlled as easily as the people who use those sites are.

In unrelated news, drinking your own urine is the new cure all for covid for those who dont want the vax.

From: DanaC
Gonna start my own and call it 'ROPO' - the only acceptable comments will be Right On! or Pi$$ Off!


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