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Level for hunting sight
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skull 12-Jan-22
Cornpone 12-Jan-22
skull 12-Jan-22
Blood 12-Jan-22
DanaC 12-Jan-22
x-man 13-Jan-22
From: skull
Anyone know where I can get a blue or red level for my Black Gold sight, I run out of place to look or call ......measurements 3/4 long 1/4 diameter.......... The only problem with all the sights out there I have hard time seeing the bubble of the level in between the lines because the rest of the level is yellowish or clear coloured. Why can’t they be blue or red where can be seen better

From: Cornpone
Not rocket science. Go to your local hardware store...find a bubble level you like...RTV it to your bow. That's what I did.

From: skull
Cornpone ........Appreciate the help, unfortunately I can only find yellowing colour at the local stores, What colour did you get

From: Blood
Can you just use a sharpie and color over the level to give a little different hue?

From: DanaC

DanaC's Link
Did a quick search and it looks like 99.99% are yellow-green

From: x-man
It's antifreeze liquid. Get some the color you want and make your own.

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