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Spring / Fall Jacket Comparison
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Kannuck 14-Jan-22
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Buffalo1 14-Jan-22
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From: Kannuck
Looking for some advice from people who have some experience with a new spring/fall jacket.

I'm considering the Kuiu Axis Hybrid, Sitka Jetstream or possibly the Arcteryx Gamma MX Hoody.

I understand the importance of clothing being windproof, but it has been difficult for me to find a jacket that is windproof and still breathable. There isn't anything I dislike more than getting sweaty underneath my jacket while I'm being active.

Any input would be appreciated.


From: smarba
Sitka Jetstream has pit zips, which definitely help if you start to get too warm. It doesn't breathe as well as the previous 90%, which was very similar just no wind blocker layer. But that blocker sure works when a wind kicks up. I haven't used the Kuiu or Arcteryx you mention.

From: Bowfreak
Is this S&S or trees and hunting?

From: KSflatlander
I have the axis and jetstream. I think the jetstream is more comfortable and quieter. I think it does better with wind too.

From: Buffalo1
I have used KUIU products for several years. Light weight and when layered properly it is warm as needed. Some items have the wind proof qualities and they are effective and breathable to me. Most jackets and some base layer top items have armpit zippers. This helps greatly. I hunt in the Gulf South so 20’s in the morning is considered cold.

It was 35 this morning with a NE wind, I was layered properly. Stayed warm and wind on body not an issue.

I wear Carhartt overalls but use KUIU Peleton 97 bottoms under overalls. The weaved items are not brush friendly. Briars tend to pull fabric. Carhartts handle that situation.

From: Jims
I hunt Wyo, Alaska, and Nebraska on a regular basis where the wind howls! It's always good to have a large selection to choose from. I often have my breathable rain jacket and pants with me. They cut wind extremely well and also keep me dry in rain or snow! As mentioned above, pitzips are a welcome addition on rain and other jackets.

One layer that is a must have for me is a vest. In fact, I never leave home without a vest except in the hottest weather. I bought a Sitka Fanatic vest with quiet cloth that is great as an outer or inner for breaking wind. The Fanatic is relatively bulky but is amazing. Some of the other Sitka and Kuiu vests I looked at were fairly noisy for using in brush but lighter weight.

It's usually a matter of trial and error until you find the exact match for the weather on each particular scouting or hunting trip. There are a heck of a lot of combos that work perfectly to cut Wyo, Alaska, and Nebraska WIND!

From: Kannuck
Thanks so much for the info so far... Sorry, I should have stated that this will not be used for hunting purposes. This will be more of an everyday jacket and possibly some hiking / scouting / fishing days. Looking for a non-camo technical style jacket that has good breathability and wind cutting properties. (I have all my bases covered for hunting clothing and rain gear :) ) Cheers!

From: smarba
Jetstream is available in solid colors. Sitka offers Grindstone Work Jacket in solids, haven't worn one, but appears to have more insulation than the Jetstream. Stratus might be another option, although currently the only solid is blaze orange.

From: 320 bull
I picked up a jet stream this year and really like the coat. The only negative I can say is I have fairly large fore arms and its a bit snug below my elbows which causes my shirt sleeve to get pulled up when I put it on. The inner lining is not slippery and it takes a minute to get it on where it belongs. I use it almost daily and am very pleased with it outside of the mentioned annoyance.

From: Buffalo1
KUIU available in solid colors. I wear my solids just kicking around and playing golf in cooler temps and wind.

From: Butcherboy
Don’t overlook Stone Glacier. They have some excellent gear and a huge bonus for me is that not one single bit of it is camo, at least for now.

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