Gratitude for Our Civic Heroes!
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I hope others will join me in expressing gratitude to our many civic heroes we are reading about daily. The moms and dads who were anonymous to the nation until they decided to risk their finances and safety standing up to school boards bent on re-writing our history and pushing an agenda that many are starting to see as anything but healthy for the development of their kids.

I would also like to recognize the average employees who are starting to do the same, to challenge their employers trying to force individuals to relinquish personal freedoms and/or supporting agendas they don't believe in.

We talk negatively about politicians frequently. But there are positive non-violent actions being taken, and we can encourage more of them by lending our support where and when possible. These heroes are how we will take our country back.

Thank you, Heroes! God bless you and keep you safe!

Frank, it seems we never hear about the goodness in folks as that never makes the news these days. Thanks for the reminder. my best, Paul

From: scentman
Agreed, many good hearted, honest, resilient Patriots.


We have national holidays to honor those who gave everything. This is about recognizing the commoner who is displaying the courage to help keep what the heroes you are referring to paid with in blood.

I ask that you take your divisive we versus them somewhere else, please. We have all sorts of heroes, this group has not yet received the recognition they deserve.

Habitat, that is a great idea. To recognize those every day heroes. I retired from the Navy and consider any thanks people give me as just doing my job.

But the Virginia parents standing up to the FBI and school unions is real bravery. They risked their freedom and lively hoods.

Nurses and Doctors being fired for standing up to the Govt. Then hospitals bring in Covid positive employees due to shortages.

The Jan 2021 protestors reminding the greasy politicians that they are not our overlords. All paid a heavy price for standing up to tyranny. Real bravery

From: Grey Ghost

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Grey Ghost's embedded Photo

Thanks for trying to focus on the positives in our lives. There's far too little of that going on these days.


Thanks Matt and Paul.

Altitude, you bring up a great point sir. There were many more law abiding protestors on January 6th than the ones the press keeps focus on. They deserve our gratitude as well.

From: Buffalo1
Great post Habitat. Amen

From: azelkhntr
We just witnessed the complete collapse of the covid mandates etc. in Britain yesterday because the people rose up off their haunches and said ENOUGH! I suspect France will be next. Its over when we all stop complying with the masks, mandates and useless "vaccines."

From: soccern23ny
Habitat... What were the "law abiding January 6th protestors" protesting?


Most, but not all, the outcome or credibility of the election. Whatever their reason, they participated in a Constitutionally protected activity and remained within legal boundaries. We need more who care as much for their country.

And I say that even though I disagree with the majority that contend the election was stolen.

From: HDE
The outcome of the election doesn't make sense. Never has a candidate that campaigned like a garden slug ever won the White House.

The nurses have been heroic Thru the whole pandemic

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