Titanium Trailer, good or bad?
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six 16-Apr-22
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From: six
I found a 2021 8x24x7 Titanium trailer on marketplace at a reasonable price. I'm looking for an enclosed trailer to turn into the ultimate hunting rig. I have never heard of Titanium trailers and I'm not seeing any reviews. Do any of you guys have any trailer knowledge you wouldn't mind sharing. Thank you.

From: Beendare
All Titanium? I doubt it.

Maybe skinned with Ti.

From: WapitiBob
it's not Ti, at all.

From: Huntcell

Huntcell 's Link
Gold leaf trim and Platinum hitch optional.

From: Scrappy
Titanium trailer would cost like a million.2

From: six
Titanium is the name of the manufacturer.

From: Whatthefoc
… what’s next? Diamond plate not made out of real diamonds? Wow


From: jjs
When working for Rockwell on the B1 bomber in the early 80s the plant manager had a horse trailer made out of Titanium, so much for the Gov. accountability, shortly after that 1200 of us went out the door do to Reagan's cutback. The cost was around over $50K+ at that time if I remember right.

From: Cotton
If it was made out of Titanium which I seriously doubt it would be almost impossible to repair if required. Titanium is notoriously hard to work with. Cotton

From: drycreek
My first wife’s heart was made of titanium………

From: wyliecoyote
Yes, Titanium is just the name of a trailer manufacturer.....they carved a niche in the recreational trailer market by adding a 3 rd level situated above the pickup cab that serves as great closet space....The Titanium trailers are a high end unit and popular here in Calif.

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