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Packable Fishing Setup
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McCree 12-Jun-22
t-roy 12-Jun-22
cnelk 12-Jun-22
Scoot 12-Jun-22
sitO 12-Jun-22
DanaC 12-Jun-22
Treeline 12-Jun-22
fisherick 15-Jun-22
Ziek 15-Jun-22
Pop-r 15-Jun-22
Heat 15-Jun-22
APauls 15-Jun-22
From: McCree
Looking for recommendations for a packable fishing setup for an upcoming AK moose trip.

From: t-roy
I’d look at going with a 2 pc ultralight rod and a small spinning reel. The rod, broken down, should come close to fitting in with your arrows.

From: cnelk

cnelk's embedded Photo
cnelk's embedded Photo
I’ve taken this pack rod twice to Alaska. A few spinners and an ultra light reel.

From: Scoot
I would look at 3 or 4 piece rods and a small spinning reel.

From: sitO

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sitO's embedded Photo

From: DanaC
Spin or fly?

From: Treeline
Why not a fly rod? Lots of options there. Ask you guide what you can fish for that time of year. I would suggest an 8 wt if the silvers are in and a 4 or 5 wt for grayling and trout.

There are also travel spinning rods that pack down the same length as a fly rod. I have several spinning and casting travel setups that work very well.

From: fisherick
Eagle Claw spin/fly pack it travel rod and spinning reel and fly reel.

From: Ziek

From: Pop-r
Many options out there but there are some with their own case that break down really nice to where they're very packable either on your back or on a horse/mule.

From: Heat
Tenkara x2

From: APauls
dynamite is a lot smaller.

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