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Elk Shape 2022
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Where you at...Down 10 pounds and will start hitting more cardio starting July 1st...

From: elkmtngear
Nice work, George!

Already down below my usual weight when September rolls around.

Basically, starving myself on Keto, along with intermittent fasting, until I'm cleared to get back on the treadmill with the pack on, after breaking my foot.

Besides my normal early morning routine of 200 pushups, 200 bicycle crunches, and 200 tricep lifts, and my daily yoga stretch, I've added 20 minutes a day of what is mostly core and upper body workouts ( pushups, bicycle crunches, V-ups), in rapid succession. It's all I can do right now.

From: JohnMC
Ike I found your lost 10 pounds. It is around my mid section!

Jesus elk, 200 push-ups! I thought I was good with 50 and 30 squats on my daily 2.5 mile walk. That is discipline sir, I am impressed.

Not going elk hunting but will be ready for my half mile walk to deer stand, lol.

Good luck guys.

From: Bowboy
Hiked every other day with a 45lb pack up and down a hill for an hour. It’s nice living at 6000 plus feet.

From: elkmtngear
"Hiked every other day with a 45lb pack up and down a hill for an hour. It’s nice living at 6000 plus feet".

Doesn't get much better than that, when training for the Rockies!

Nice work guys...

It’s so late in the game for me with a sheep hunt on 8/1 that I have been focusing hard on building strength and endurance with a pack on. One of the best exercises for my 52 year old body is walking slowly up and down the dam on the back side of my pond. We call it the Ram Dam.

I’m afraid to stand on a scale anymore. I think if I try to cut back too much on calories at this point, I may not hit the workouts as hard.

Good luck to everyone.

From: Jaquomo
Doing 3-4 miles with a pack at high elevation almost every day. I was at a Maine northwoods fishing camp last week (hiked every day there, too) and the food was so fabulous I gained 7 pounds in 8 days. I'm ok with going into the season a little over my "fighting weight" because I always lose weight during the September grind.

From: Whatthefoc
I’ve watched a few YouTube videos of Cam Hanes working out.

From: Dale06
I hit a tread mill 4-5 days a week, 8-10% incline and a very fast walk. And a weight machine routine twice a week. I’ve had this routine for years. I’m 71 years old now and that’s about as much as I care to do. I hunt elk in NM I pretty easy terrain. Good luck to all of you.

Good to go Dale06...

From: lamb
228 to 200 lbs stairmaster 4 days a week. weight training 3 days. road too muddy to ride mountain bike as the rains have come will be hiking in national forest as it just reopened 8000 to 9000 ft

From: KSflatlander
CrossFit 4 days a week. Did one 28 mile backpack trip in Arkansas and climbed 3300ft. Field season is in full swing at work so putting some miles on. We will do a backpack trip in our unit in late July or early August. Still need to drop 10-20lbs before September.

There some serious tough old dudes on here. You all are killing it.

From: cnelk
I usually start my workout on opening day Sept 2 and shoot my elk in the first week

Keep up the good work boys. That’s how I got my start

From: yooper89
Down 14 pounds and stronger than I’ve been in a handful of years. Sheep shape instead of elk shape but looking forward to august. First time my scale has seen the 180s (albeit 189.9) since probably 2010. I’ll be a better hunter and better at my job because of it

From: t-roy
Whatthefoc……I’ve got them all taped, but haven’t watched them yet…..I’m pacing myself.

Year-round training for me.

This year I did go up a few pounds over winter, but it was long gone by mid-March.

The boiler went out for heating the pool water, at my Gym so no lap swimming since May, dang it.

Fuel co$t has cut into my 25 mile round trip drive to the ski resort to hike (Snowbasin), so now I do that just twice a week and hike the trails on this side of the Wasatch Front, like Bues Canyon or Adams Canyon.

Aero's, lift then hike most everyday type of lifestyle.

With the Covid lung breathing issues from 2020, although very improved, my Dr. had me start an Inhaler once a day and it really has been helpful for breathing on hikes and for lap swimming when the pool was open.

Good luck, Robb

From: Coondog
I train year round. That means lifting hard and heavy every single day. Not much cardio from October through May. So, I jumped from 195 to 210 during that time period, but that is what I want. Always need to grow and build muscle during the off-season. June I start upping it with sled drags, assault bike, rower, and the occasional run. Once I get to August, I start incorporating more super sets while lifting and less rest between sets. I’ve discovered that being in the elk mountains is far more of a mental thing than it is physical, but being healthy, strong, and having endurance always helps.

From: Hank_S
I hijacked my wife's subscription to exercise programs and am starting week 9 of the original P90X program tomorrow. I walk 3 miles with a 30 lb pack 4 days a week, just got a gravel bike last week and did 80 miles the first week. I have dropped 3 inches off of my waist, don't have a scale but am on track to be in pretty good shape by September!

From: carcus
I'm so glad there is no mountains where I hunt, I'm walking 4 miles 3-5 days a week, good enough for where I hunt

From: Beendare
Im behind. Did my first 40# pack in the hills here yesterday and Im sore.

From: Huntsolo
I do a lot of the strength and conditioning exercises mentioned above but nothing compares to the up and down and traversing of side hills at high elevation.

I’ve found a maintenance “hike” every two-weeks combined with gym strength & conditioning and mobility has worked for me.

From: WapitiBob
17oz ribeye and DQ last night, right on schedule.

I'm a big peanut buster parfait guy.

From: Whocares
You last two guys must be Randy Newburg's buddies. Only reason he left Big Falls, MN was because of no DQ for many miles. Just got back from 2 miles of hill work at local ski hill. 25 mile round trip but decided I'm not going to stop livin' cuz of gas prices Robb. Just have less wine each day. And I do several mile hikes in the woods around home regularly to keep the old knees moving. Have a stationery bike and free weights at home. Do a variety with weights including squats that seem pretty beneficial. I'm 75 and lucky it's working so far. Oh, and did I mention wine? Seems to help a lot.

i am 73. My workouts are year round.... two days in gym weights, or at home, but 5 days in the pool. Serious water work outs, and weight work outs in the pool, are my ticket..... you learn something from Air Rescue......................... At 67 I caught a genetic glitch and had heart surgery. The head surgeon asked me, how many minutes I swim a week, and except for hunting, I said 200, plus other activitie, he said good, because it saved your life.

Water work is easy on the joints. and many do not believe this, but it is true, water resistance, can do more for you, as you are older, than land based work outs. Try aqua jogging, in deep water for 90 min. It will kick your ass, but your whole core is stronger, and as a use to be land runner, more effective, for my hunting mode....

I used to do all the pack weights and all, but a hard core water work out, will strengthen that back of yours, quickly, to handle the load...... Either way its all good

From: welka
Like the aqua jogging suggestion - much better for the joints. For the rest of the flat landers like me, don't forget to walk backwards on your treadmill with it inclined so you work on your downhill muscles. Had a buddy lose 6 out of a 7 day hunt because knees were so swelled up from too much down hill first day! Good luck and wish I could do it year round - not disciplined enough during hunting season!

Good job guys…On the road and trying to maintain the diet…Then I saw Bob’s post! Lol

From: Paul@thefort
You'all only go around in life once so grab up all of the gusto you can because the life you are now living is NOT a dress rehearsal for your next life!!!!!!!!!!!!! per Paul

From: Grey Ghost
I’ve been hiking 10-13K peaks 3-4 times a week with a 40 lb pack, looking for sheep. There’s no workout that equals the actual activity, IMO. It’s not as easy as it once was, but it’s as easy once as it ever was. ;-).


I really miss living at altitude...Just a lil over a 1000' now, no substitute for high altitude training in my book...

From: Brotsky
I’ll probably switch over to Coors banquet from Busch Light in mid-August to start carb loading for the season.

From: KY EyeBow
Middle aged flatlander here. After my last trip to the mountains 4 years ago, I realized I needed something different than standard cardio and weight training. Started a Mountain Tough program 6 weeks ago and I can tell I am definitely stronger than before I started. Altitude and the WY terrain will be the "test" and I plan to be ready!

From: elkster
Since I didn't draw elk tag but did draw pronghorn, is there such a thing as " Pronghorn Shape"? If so, I may already be there. Might even be able to afford to gain a few lbs and still qualify...

From: Glunt@work
If you are hunting pronghorn at a water hole, in a blind, mental conditioning is what matters.

Hydration is key in the lope blind…Lol

From: cnelk

cnelk's embedded Photo
cnelk's embedded Photo
Nuthin like working in the mtns to get in shape for the mtns

From: RowdyBuck
Down 12 lbs from my "winter weight". I would love to lose 8 more lbs to be at an even 180 as that was my goal starting this spring but not sure I can get there by Sept unless I cut back on weights and go strictly to cardio. If not, I'm fine. This is about the shape I'm in every September and I haven't slowed me down yet.

Nice picture,,,,, as a guy who ran alot of saws, always cringe, when I see those who use the most dangerous tool, without adequate safety equipment,,,,, please be careful..

working in the outdoors will burn alot of calories,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

From: midwest
Crossfit, running, lifting. Never signed up for a single race this year.

Working out is easy. The diet is the hard part. Sure feel a lot better when I'm eating clean. High on the protein and fat, low on the carbs these days.

From: Mule Power
Unfortunately I eat an elk every year so I’m never in shape. Maybe I’ll get skunked this year and be in better shape by 2023.

From: Z Barebow
I run a couple days a week year round. Stair master twice a week and now i throw in a pack work out or 2 a week.

I will be in shape to ride my mini bike.

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