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WiFi Trail Camera system?
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John in MO / KY 27-Jun-22
flyingbrass 27-Jun-22
KHNC 28-Jun-22
razorsharp 29-Aug-22
RIT 29-Aug-22
JL 29-Aug-22
Catscratch 29-Aug-22
Arrownoob 29-Aug-22
fdp 18-Sep-22
I recently put a small cabin on a property I own with a buddy. There is no cell service in the area, but we have electricity and it appears we will be able to get internet service. Is anyone aware of a trail camera system similar to Cuddelink, but where the master camera uploads via WiFi rather than cellular service? We would like to have the master camera at the cabin for security purposes and be able to put up and link several more cameras to get pictures of four legged critters.

From: flyingbrass
Covert has served me well, I discovered if you put any camera in a bear proof box they will last forever. I don't need the bear proof box for bears but it keeps the freezing and thawing from happening on the O ring which is what I think makes most cameras fail. I just replaced a regular camera this month and it was from 2016! Covert cell cameras have been real good. They have a new one coming out soon that is ATT/Verizon so it works off both towers.

From: KHNC
The post above does not address what the OP is looking for. Depending on how far away your wifi will function, you can use a wifi security camera. My buddy has them all around his house and in the woods. Only takes video though, no still pics from motion activity. He uses Arlo's .

From: razorsharp
Reolink Go security cameras operate on solar and cellular data sim card. I am using one on my feeder. It is about an hour away from me. I bought a refurbished one for about 50% off. So far so good. operates via an app on your phone. Several videos on youtube about them.

From: RIT
Buckeye cams but you won’t like the price.

From: JL
I believe the OP is asking if there is a WIFI-cam, not a cell cam. He only has WIFI at the cell service at all.

From: Catscratch
They make directional wifi extenders. Depending on what ya get, line of sight, trees, etc they can do quite a bit. Combined with a wifi solar powered security camera a guy might get what he was after...

From: Arrownoob
I use blink by Amazon. They are good. Battery lasts 1-2 years.

From: fdp

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