Book the Newfoundland ferry early.
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From: Lawdy
We tried to book our reservations for the Newfoundland ferry last week, and they are booked solid until The end of August. We are going by way of Quebec, a 22 hour, 1500 mile drive. We live close to the border, thankfully. We drive past Quebec City, follow the St. Lawrence, cross on a free ferry, and head up to the trans Labrador highway which just got paved. We go through Lab City, head over to Goose Bay, and then end up at Blanc Sablon where we take the ferry to Black Duck Cove, Newfoundland. Our place is a half hour drive from there. I have done that route twice years ago on my Triumph motorcycle when it was all gravel. A wild ride, and had a bear reach into my tent and grab my frypan I used to cook trout in. We also saw snow flurries. We are spending 5 weeks so we will poke along.

From: Katahdin
I am on the North Sydney to Port a Basque ferry next week and I did book a few months ago. The ride over had no cabins and I was on standby but a few weeks ago they had a cabin for me. The return had a cabin when I booked and I just assumed that the return trip was on a week day that made the difference

From: Mathewsphone
Make sure you have all your shots before going to Canada


From: sitO

From: Bou'bound
If you don’t have your shots before going into Canada you ain’t going into Canada

From: Whatthefoc
Kinda the same deal for Canadians going to the US … if that matters.

From: Bou'bound
any other ferry rule or protocols different this year than in the past due to covid or anything or is it the same show up early- get in line- get off type deal,

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