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Winter rye price.
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Finnman 25-Jul-22
Bow Crazy 26-Jul-22
KHNC 26-Jul-22
KHNC 09-Aug-22
Finnman 09-Aug-22
t-roy 09-Aug-22
dnovo 09-Aug-22
Whitetail Xtreme 09-Aug-22
BullBuster 09-Aug-22
KHNC 10-Aug-22
kstout 10-Aug-22
Scott/IL 10-Aug-22
fuzzy 10-Aug-22
RIT 10-Aug-22
Finnman 10-Aug-22
30338 10-Aug-22
From: Finnman
Just curious what the price is in your area. Checked a few places today and average is around 27 bucks for a 56 lb bag. I was hoping to put in 15 acres but not sure now.

From: Bow Crazy
$19.60 for a 40 lb bag here in Wisconsin. Right now, they are sold out. BC

From: KHNC
Damn, it was 8.00 for 50lb here in NC 3 years ago. Crazy how much it has jumped.

$11 for a 50lb bag at the feed store. 2022 seed will be available until mid August when it is harvested.

From: KHNC
Bought 100lbs today of Rye Grain. 53.00 plus tax. 17-17-17 32.50 per 50lbs - 250lbs Buck Forage Oats 41.50 per 50lbs- 200lbs Expensive stop just to feed some deers.

Plan to plant mid sept in South Carolina

From: Finnman
I ended up buying what I needed pretty much straight out of the combine. 10 dollars a bushel. Been in the ground for a week and coming up pretty good. Need rain though.

From: t-roy
$14–$16 for a 50lb bag here.

From: dnovo
I just bought 3# of clover seed and a 50# bag of rye. $28

Crazy what the prices are for fall food plots. I normally plant around 10 acres on one farm and 8 on another here in Georgia. Priced several items this week at our local feed and seed store. Ton price on triple 13 was $980.00 and triple 17 was $1,140.00 . Certified wheat was $720.00 per ton (40 - 50lb bags). Daikon Radish $112.00 per 50. Durana clover is $149.50 per 25lb bag. Crimson clover $80.00 per 50. Plot spike oats 31.95 per 50lb bag. Coker oats 227 is $32.00 per 50. Trophy Radish are running 30.00 per 4lb bag. Made a deal today for 66 (50lb bags) of feed wheat for $750.00 (12.00) per 50. . Pennington blend rack master is $39.00 per 50. Lime is running $65.00 per ton for an 8 ton truck spread plus delivery fee. Ton price spread on triple 17 is around 880.00 per ton with 2 ton minimum plus delivery fee. Just an idea for others at what I’m looking at here. Gonna be expensive to plant this year but it is what it is.

From: BullBuster
$22 for rye 50 lbs. $9 last year in eastern Washington

From: KHNC
Not sure if its worth mentioning, the Rye I bought was Wren's Abruzzi 50lb bag. Just did online search and im seeing it listed for 77.00 per 50lb plus shipping! who buys that stuff at that price?

From: kstout
Just bought a 50lb bag for $12 at Big Rapids Farm and Garden, here in Michigan.

From: Scott/IL
$23 for 50# here in Illinois. A little up from last year, as was everything else I bought for the plots.

From: fuzzy
Production and transportation costs are way up

From: RIT
If you were buying Winter Rye in July just know you were likely buying last years seed. Won’t matter much though germination rates will still be pretty high. It was $18 a bushel last year. I have not checked current prices.

For the synthetic fertilizer lovers on a side note there isn’t a single piece of ground in the world that requires fertilizer or lacks the proper nutrients to support life. You would be better off buying a microscope and understanding your soil than buying synthetic fertilizer.

Anyone care to guess how much atmospheric Nitrogen is available in the air above 1 acre of soil? Try on average 35 Tons. And people buy synthetic N… oof why? Go pull your legumes and see if you have nodules on the roots. If you don’t you need the correct bacteria in your soil easy cheap fix. I can’t imagine paying for synthetic fertilizer for food plots. Same with P and K also. Tons upon tons in the soil. You just need to unlock the soil biology to convert it to a form plants can use. Think cover crops and earthworms. I have spent zero dollars on fertilizer in the last 5 years. I plant on heavy heavy clay which is no treat.

From: Finnman
They started combining rye here last week of July. Bought mine in the field.

From: 30338
Rye going for .55 per pound here. Awnless wheat at .50 per pound.

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