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Hunt 2 year old burn or timber
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Browtine 30-Jul-22
Cheesehead Mike 30-Jul-22
wyobullshooter 30-Jul-22
Beendare 30-Jul-22
'Ike' (Phone) 30-Jul-22
Tracker 31-Jul-22
Bearman 31-Jul-22
Pop-r 02-Aug-22
From: Browtine
I'm trying to decide on my spot for this year's hunt. One area burned 2 years ago. The other area did not. If I commit to one I cannot hunt the other one. Although I have been told over and over that elk love burns for all of the new grass that comes back. My concern is being able to get within range of the elk in the burn. The topography in the burn area doesn't have many terrain features that would allow you to move behind to position on elk. The non-burned area has both timber and terrain features to allow you to position on elk. There's water in both places. I believe the herd sizes and bull sizes are similar in both areas. Hunting pressure in both places is about the same. I have never been to either but have hunted between them (but cannot access that in-between area this trip). Give me your pros and cons and which you would choose.

Burns can be great but a lot depends on how hot the fire was and if it scorched off the topsoil. If the fire was very hot, 2 years might be too soon for good feed to be growing.

^^^^ That, and considering you say pretty much everything is equal between the two areas, other than not much cover in the burn area, makes it a no-brainer for me. I’d hunt the unburned area without a doubt.

From: Beendare
Mikes right…call the biologist.

Some of those beetle kill areas burn so hot they stairize the soil.

In other burn areas elk absolutely love it and will come from Miles for that fresh green foliage

Depends, bit yup...

From: Tracker
I like hunting burns but 2 years ago is pretty soon for good growth. Now if you have timber on the edges or a burn that could be good.

From: Bearman
Thinking of the others hunting. I would guess most will hunt the burn area.

From: Pop-r
I agree if the pressure is the same the burn is only going go be good on the opener or shortly there after for the most part. Or until they get bumped off of it. I'd say by 2 yrs unless it was definitely hotter than most it's gold.

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