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Magnus Buzzcut or Black Hornet Serrazor?
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boly 01-Aug-22
Scar Finga 01-Aug-22
BOHNTR 01-Aug-22
Kicker Point 02-Aug-22
craigmcalvey 02-Aug-22
boothill 02-Aug-22
boly 02-Aug-22
From: boly
I am considering changing From my Snuffer SS 125 to either the Buzzcut or the Hornet serazzor. Which in your opinions would be the best? Another question is I am considering just staying with the Snuffer and getting one of the Stay Sharp sharpeners to change the angle. Please give me your ideas.

From: Scar Finga
I haven't shot the Hornet, but I love the buzzcuts and have been using them for years! I have no plan on changing!

Black Hornets have been deadly the last few years fir me and my wife…..not the serrated version though.

From: Kicker Point
I use both version of Black Hornets. Work great. Can't go wrong with either. I use 125's

From: craigmcalvey
I have used all 3 and have killed multiple animals with all 3. I have gone strictly to snuffer ss and buzzcut 2 blades simply for ease of sharpening as I had to disassemble the black hornets to sharpen them and I found that annoying.

From: boothill
Shot Buzzcuts for years and switched to the Black Hornets about 5 years ago. Seems like the Black Hornets fly a little quieter and just the heavier blade helps out. Penetration was better with the Buzzcut with less blade angle I think though. I shoot the 4 blade versions so had to take apart anyway no matter which head it was. On a cold evening gave me a reason to be in the shop instead of in the house with the wife anyway.

From: boly
Thanks for the responses. Looks like you are split 50/50. One hard decision.

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