Blood trails 2 vs 4 blade
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From: Bou'bound
4 for me if bleeders count. Do bleeders count?

From: Kurt
3 or 4 (bleeders cut and count) have left better blood than 2 in my experiernce.

From: TGbow
I shoot recurves but both will do the job..I like a 2 blade with a bleeder myself

From: midwest
4 blades. It's not even close in my experience. 2 blades got a lot less reaction from the animal, tho.

I’ve arrowed a ton over the years with two bladed traditional style heads (Zwickey, Magnus, etc.), four bladed heads, and three blade heads. Honestly, they’ve all been about the same type of blood trails for me.

From: APauls
IMO 1.5+ inch 2 blade bleeds better than a 1 1/8” with bleeders.

But if you’re asking if a 1.25” 2 blade bleeds better than a 1.25” with bleeders I’d say can’t be possible lol

From: PECO2
The best blood trail I have had were from a 2 blade, 2" Rage. Even so, I don't use mechanicals anymore. Solid cut on contact for me.

From: Rgiesey
Have had better luck with 3 or 4 Blades

From: shade mt
Might depend on what you are using compound or stickbow?

If it is a lower poundage stickbow, id go with a 2 blade, obviously fixed blade.

Anything else it don't seem to make a big difference at least for me..

I always use a stickbow, usually over 50 lbs...mostly 55-60#

Never had a penetration issue, meaning entrance and exit holes.

But I've had varied results when it comes to boodtrails...3 blade little blood, 2 blade plenty enough to follow, and vice versa....I think shot placement trumps everything..high hits often just fill the chest cavity with blood.

The exception might be these big wide expandables, which I have zero experience with...

4 blades leave better trails then two blades in my experience. It’s not even debatable.

From: Treeline
With equivalent shot placement, 3- or 4-blades will put more blood on the ground than 2.

From: Dale06
I’ve used 2,3, and 4 blade. To many variables to say for sure. But I like two blade coc with bleeders.

From: fuzzy
I honestly have never been able to tell a difference. I'm RG colorblind so my blood trails need to be clear and short. 4 blade Zwickey Deltas give me that. So do 3 blade Thunderheads and similar. The main thing is sharpness.

From: Bou'bound
4 for me if bleeders count. Do bleeders count?

From: Glunt@work
With trad gear getting an exit is what I'm after so I prefer a 2 blade. If you have power to spare, more blades makes sense. That said, a 3 or 4 with a good design penitrates really good as well.

I've used all sorts of 2, 3 and 4 blade heads as well as having been along on many recovery efforts with friends and clients when I guided.

The "good hits" part is giant compared to how many blades.

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