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Another vision thread - presbyopia
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I know this discussion has been hashed here in the past, but I googled the threads and they didn't help.

I turn 44 in a few weeks. I've been using readers for a couple years at the suggestion of my optometrist (and ended up being glad I got Rx readers once I got them and could see the difference), but a few months ago, I got LASIK surgery.

Now I no longer need glasses, but LASIK surgery fast-forwards presbyopia by about 5 years and now I'm really shackled to my readers.

My problem is not the pins: I can see the pins fine.

What I can't see is my peep in order to know where to center my pin. It's far worse in low light.

Have people noticed this? And what have you done?

From: midwest
You center your pin and not the housing?

I'm not really sure what you're asking. Looking through the peep, I center the pin in the middle of the peep site, which is what I assumed everyone did. In low light, my peep is just a blur and I don't really have a reference as to where to center my pin.

From: MrPoindexter
Would adding a kisser help?

From: Glunt@work
I think the common practice is center the pin housing (why so many have a visible ring) then put the pin on target. But I'm just a trad guy so....

No help with your question but I'm a few years ahead of you and can relate that losing what was once "perfect" vision sucks.

I have to ask. Do you see your peep? I always thought of it as a window. You look though the window where the light is the strongest. Your brain will do this for you if you focus on other things like what you want to hit. My eyes aren't what they forty years ago. Open sights on a rifle are tough for me to use but looking though a peep still works for me. The same applies to my bows.

From: 6pointbull
I agree on centering the housing rather than the pin. I think this helps to make your distances more accurate because the pins are in the same spot all the time, however I could be wrong on this. Maybe the tech experts can chime in.

But in regards to vision, it makes it easier to see the housing than just the pins

From: midwest
Yeah, that's how we did it back in the 80's, Ike, before round sight housings. lol

I think most everyone centers the housing within the peep ID these days.

From: TD
If shooting targets using small peeps centering the pin works great. Nothing moving, a take your time under decent light scenario. But feet on the ground killing stuff, big peeps (I like1/4") and centering a bright ring works best IMO. Low light you need a big(er) peep, and the more open area around your pins gives a better dynamic or situational view, easier to acquire sight picture, etc. The eyes center the ring as easy as they do a specific pin. Centering the pin pretty much requires a smaller aperture peep, if you can see a bright ring through it your eyes will naturally center on that anyway. Plus, you know what they say about small apertures.......

I center the pin too. I just have nothing to center now unless I'm looking through my reading glasses (which doesn't work because I center the pin while aiming, and then focus on the target). I have the picture, just no picture frame.

From: midwest
What's your peep diameter, Ike?

Have you tried a Raptor Peep?

Scott, you're doing it wrong and you'll never kill anything. ;-)

From: Genesis
Discard all red pins and sounds like a good case for Allergan's Vuity (Rx) (Pilocarpine 1.25%).One drop (best in AM) last about 6-8 hours.Most eye docs have samples and can give you a demo drop to let you live a day in the life so to speak.It has been working well on our 40-52 year old crowd.

It could possibly help with any aberrations post lasik as well,especially w/ night driving.

From: Stubbleduck
If you don't mind a bit of electronics on your bow try a "Red Dot" type sight (There are a number of different models) mounted on an ARD (Adjustable Red Dot see mount. This eliminates the peep sight and pins. You have one point of visual focus as the red dot appears in the same visual plane as the target (Nothing is projected i.e. it's not a laser it's an optical feature ) so near vision acuity is not an issue. The ARD mount allows adjusting the unit for range somewhat similar to single pin sights. I've been using a red dot system for over 15 years (On various mounts) with good results. The ARD mount is a relatively new, three years or so, unit and a great improvement over what was available previously.

From: Bowfreak
I think I understand what Ike is talking about. During lower light the peep blurs a little and it is hard to center your scope or pin. I notice the very same thing but so far at hunting distances I don’t have issues.

I had lasik about 15 yrs ago and it put me in readers pretty quick too. The biggest tip I could give you other than upsizing your peep is to make sure that your peep is turning perfectly. The peep not turning perfectly will make a difference at lower light than it does on full light. Also….you might play with how the peep turns by a few degrees. You might find that you see through it best with it ever so slightly turned a bit toward your eye.

From: sticksender
For whatever it’s worth, my own recent experience (1/4” peep and center the housing) is that my small (.019) lowest pin, which is red, now blurs pretty bad. No lasik though. When I say blur, I mean it appears as a blurry visual array of 4 dots arranged radially around the actual pin, each one at 90 degrees separation. The plan is to change that pin to yellow or green. Someone told me that the red color is a possible culprit causing this for older eyes…..

As far as Ike’s stated issue of not being able to see the peep, not sure but I’d definitely at least try a fluorescent ring-housing type of sight along with a 1/4” peep and then center the housing instead of a pin. The blurry peep edges don’t matter much when shooting that way. Years ago I centered the pin, but later, when ring-housing sights became the norm, I found it easy to change my shooting style.

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