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Who is hunting a brand new spot ?
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Jordan 22-Aug-22
Jaquomo 22-Aug-22
wyobullshooter 22-Aug-22
DanaC 22-Aug-22
pav 23-Aug-22
BULELK1 23-Aug-22
Hank_S 23-Aug-22
maxracx 23-Aug-22
elkmtngear 23-Aug-22
Brotsky 23-Aug-22
jordanathome 23-Aug-22
Stix 23-Aug-22
Mule Power 23-Aug-22
Scoot 23-Aug-22
KSflatlander 23-Aug-22
Vonfoust 23-Aug-22
320Bull 23-Aug-22
azelkhntr 23-Aug-22
KHNC 23-Aug-22
goelk 23-Aug-22
PoudreCanyon 23-Aug-22
Jeff Holchin 24-Aug-22
Ucsdryder 24-Aug-22
'Ike' 24-Aug-22
Pop-r 24-Aug-22
cnelk 24-Aug-22
MA-PAdeerslayer 24-Aug-22
MA-PAdeerslayer 24-Aug-22
Jordan 24-Aug-22
Inshart 24-Aug-22
LUNG$HOT 24-Aug-22
fishnride 24-Aug-22
Grunt-N-Gobble 25-Aug-22
Pop-r 28-Aug-22
BowHiker 30-Aug-22
cmbbulldog 30-Aug-22
OTC_Bowhunter 31-Aug-22
grape 31-Aug-22
Scott/IL 31-Aug-22
fdp 18-Sep-22
JLeMieux 18-Sep-22
badlander 18-Sep-22
From: Jordan
My buddy from MO is hunting a new spot in WY....first hunt ever in WY.....after cashing in 11 chips along with his son. I could have drawn but wasn't in the mood at the kinda regret it but there is always next year!

I got my OTC any elk archery tag for CO and will be back in good ole 34 and 25 in the Flattops with another hunting buddy from MO and his son.

So one new spot and one old spot....the original from my first ever elk hunt in 2006. Maybe I've learned a thing or two since then and will finally put it all together.

What say you?!

From: Jaquomo
Brand new spots in CO and WY for me. Both have lots of summer sign. Both may be overrun when the bell rings, or may be awesome. Most of my previously good spots (before the Cameron Peak fire wrecked them) were found on the fly during seasons anyway. Same with the last two WY hunts. Suspect this year will be no different.

Good luck to you this year, Jordan. You're due!

This will be my 37th year hunting the same area, but at some point I may step on a spot I’ve never stepped on before. Does that count?

As Jaq said, Good Luck Jordan!

From: DanaC
Got permission to hunt a patch of land a few miles away. 120 acres. Probably sees a few guys in the late gun seasons, if any.

From: pav
New spot in a new state!

Same in Ut. and in Az. but different in Wyo.

I've been up to Wyo a couple times this year so I'm okay.

It took me a while to figure out Jordan was jordanathome??

Good luck this year Jordan,


From: Hank_S
Same basin in Colorado...going to explore southern and western parts of it though.

From: maxracx
Stepping into a foreign unit in Colorado. I have been e-scouting the crap out of it and speaking with local warden. I feel plans A-C show promise, plan D thru Z are pretty sketchy....Good luck to all.

From: elkmtngear
New area for us, in Wyoming. We have some 10 year old intel, from a guy that used to hunt the area. It all looks good on the map!

This will be your Year, Jordan!

From: Brotsky
Hunting a spot I have hunted my entire life. Just never with a bull elk tag in my pocket! Very excited for this likely once in a lifetime chance.

From: jordanathome
LOL....yes Robb this is one of my registrations from over the many years I've been on BS. Not intentional...just happened. When I need to sign in I go to the email with the registration code but I can never tell which user name is attached to the code. LOL

From: Stix
Same spot for me since 1994, for turkey, deer, bear, elk. It's very important to know a spot intimately, and visit it often. Seeing it only once or twice just prior to season is a major drawback.

From: Mule Power
Same spot looking for a familiar bull. It’s a never ending cycle. I think he’s enjoying his last summer right now!

From: Scoot
I'm not hunting elk at all this year. Even better than that, my son is! I'm his little sherpa/guide/beeyotch this year in a good unit in NM. I'm way more excited than if I had the tag!

From: KSflatlander
We drew our 3rd choice in a new CO unit (75/751) for elk. Scouting trip to confirm the e-scouting was good but everything will change once season starts. But we will be in the elk woods in September! Should be fun.

From: Vonfoust
New spot(s) in CO for me this year. To say I'm excited would be an understatement.

From: 320Bull
New spot in a new state with a good friend hunting. I am just going along for the ride this time though, no tag here.

From: azelkhntr
New to me spot above the rim in AZ. for archery elk. Once you're in the junipers tho it all looks the same.

From: KHNC
If ElkMtnGear has some new camo pants, i will have a new view this year. Otherwise, its the same view i always have trying to keep up with him in the mountains.

From: goelk
new for me archery hunting during muzzleloading season cause my brothers and cousin drew tags which i was hoping they wont get. should be interesting

From: PoudreCanyon
Back to the old reliable this year. Unlike Jaq, I’ve been scouting several of my spots and they were weirdly undisturbed by the fire. Saw tons of sign and several elk both times I scouted. Have several cameras out and will hopefully have some good pics for you all next week:)

From: Jeff Holchin
Brand new spot in WY for me and 2 buddies this year, my previous hotspots were LE but it’s a general tag this year.

From: Ucsdryder
I’m taking the pregnant wife to a new spot. She said no archery, no 5 hour away units. Screwed up because apparently I can’t read a map or gmu border lines in bright green on onx. If anybody wants to share any info on stuff west of golden I’d appreciate it.

From: 'Ike'
I got my hand up...

From: Pop-r

I'm going to stick with the spots I found last year!

From: cnelk
I’m sticking with the same spots for the past 30yrs

Good idea Forrest!!

At home for whities I’m venturing into a new spot. Very new. Have some good intel from previous years, know the area holds and produces good mature bucks. Seen several 150+ Come from this area. Not the best access and about 2.2 miles from the truck. Got some cams out gotta go check em and see what’s showin!

From: Jordan
24-Aug-22 sent. :)

From: Inshart
Same area -- just planning on heading further in,, if nothing happens after the first 2 days. Or, I might just head in to the new territory right off the bat.

New OTC Co unit. New entire region of the state. Hopefully full of 350’ bugling bulls behind every other tree. But prolly just tons of guys with bugle tubes shaped like baseball bats whacking pine cones. Either way… good times will be had!

From: fishnride
Switching gears to hunting Mountain Goats in an area I have been but never hunted.

Same unit in CO that I've been to a few times now. But hoping to get into some different spots we haven't hunted before as well.

From: Pop-r
Lungshot I LOVE the attitude! Some BIG bulls running around all.over CO!

From: BowHiker
Hunting a new OTC unit in CO for the first time after not drawing primary unit I have hunted for 6 years (successful 4 times - 1 cow, 3 bulls). Buddy drew Bull Moose tag and I'm getting OTC and going with him. Should be a grand adventure as the hunting style will be far different from the way we hunt in the SW part of the state.

From: cmbbulldog
First time hunting in MT

First time ever hunting Idaho. Going in cold, hoping to come out hot.

From: grape
First time hunting bear in Minnesota. Three years to get tag. Starts tomorrow.

From: Scott/IL
Not our first elk tags, but it is our first elk tags in Wyoming. Few spots picked out on a map so far. We’re going to divide and conquer and see what we turn up. Hopefully one of us find some animals and we’ll meet up to chase them. Could be 10 days of carrying a camp around looking at trees, but it’s going to be fun!

From: fdp

From: JLeMieux
I had to cancel my archery hunt this year for several reasons but I am going to help a buddy and his son. His son drew a a late Oct Valle Vidal youth rifle tag. Never elk hunted outside of Colorado OTC archery.

From: badlander
With the changes in MT, I’ll be hunting new spots for the next few years. Have a MT tag this year, but will be a couple years before I draw again.

Hunted a new area in WY last year, so won’t be back there for a few years either. Hoping I get a good enough spot in line to buy an ID tag next year, if not, UT is up next. Rather have a tag in a new area than sit home without one!

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