Ever eat EverCalm?
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Bearman 04-Sep-22
Bou'bound 05-Sep-22
Rut Nut 05-Sep-22
Nomad 05-Sep-22
tobywon 05-Sep-22
Gil 08-Sep-22
SBH 08-Sep-22
GhostBird 08-Sep-22
Will 08-Sep-22
12yards 08-Sep-22
APauls 08-Sep-22
Bearman 08-Sep-22
fdp 18-Sep-22
From: Bearman
I don't recommend it! Making supper and while it cooking I took out 2 pieces of bread and put peanut butter on them. There is a container of last year's EC on the shelf above my stove (cabin). While going for spices, I knocked it off the shelf and the top came off. I seen pieces flying and thought I found them all. Nope.... does not go well with PB!

From: Bou'bound
No but the VS-1 stuff is great.

From: Rut Nut
Oh boy! That must have been a real “treat!” I don’t even like getting that stuff on my hands! : (

From: Nomad
You are now invisible to deer.

From: tobywon
I imagine if you eat enough of it you would be forever calm :)

From: Gil
Probably no worse than drinking Everclear.

From: SBH
Yuck. I had a little bottle of "pine cover scent" spill and soak into my lunch a few years ago elk hunting. I don't recommend that either.

From: GhostBird
Skunk scent & Fox Urine are my favorites...............

From: Will
And last night, you learned an important lesson about where you store certain items... Thank you for the warning.

From: 12yards
No worries about farting in the stand bro!

From: APauls
That's some next level commitment right there. TBM would be proud.

From: Bearman
Took plenty of beers to get the taste out!

From: fdp

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