Eastman Blazed Trails Forgotten
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Shiloh 07-Sep-22
Bowfreak 07-Sep-22
Smtn10PT 07-Sep-22
fdp 18-Sep-22
Kurt 18-Sep-22
From: Shiloh
Just passing this along to those of you who like old stories of western hunting. Mike has some interesting ones on YouTube. Do a search and you should find this channel.

From: Bowfreak
I have watched a few of these and really like them.

From: Smtn10PT
Good stuff there, I've caught a few.

From: fdp

From: Kurt
Really liked the one about the sheep hunt in the NWT where Gordon was up there in the 60's and they built the cabin and explored. Ike and Guy (Gordon's grandsons) were back in 2017. Met them at Canol Outfitters....great guys.

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