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Warmest low profile GLOVES
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RonP 19-Sep-22
I am healing up from a finger injury, and my doctor has advised me to be particularly careful about letting my finger tip get cold . I have many pairs of gloves, but this situation calls for maximum effort and minimal cold exposure. I don’t want to miss late fall and winter season SO I am willing to pay for the best. I shoot a longbow so I want to keep to a “thinner/ low bulk glove on my bow hand if possible. I already own liners in 3 different materials, which I can underlay. Can you folks give me recommendations?

From: APauls
Thin, low profile and warm don't go hand in hand (ha ha) unless you go electric. I think that's about your only option.

From: Scrappy
I agree with APauls.

From: Pyrannah
hand pouch thing with hand warmers

Thanks. I just hadn’t thought of electric, and will check them out

From: Norseman

From: LBshooter
Get yourself a pair of insulated deer hide gloves. I shoot trad and a well wore in pair makes a great cold weather shooting glove. What handed are you?

I am left handed,but need the glove for my right hand.

From: caribou77
Kuiu made a Peleton 200 glove. Luckily I still have my pair, that set is the warmest thin glove I’ve ever worn.

From: RJ Hunt
I have a pair of Kuiu merino gloves I wear daily while calling coyotes in cold weather here, can be 30 or -20 and they have served me well. Are my favorite glove

From: fran
I have two pair of the kuiu ultra merino wool 210 on the way and am hoping for the same results as you. Good luck.

From: fdp

From: Two Feathers
I also shoot longbow and when winter comes I use military flight gloves and use them as my shooting glove.

From: spike78
I use Alpaca gloves soft and warm. Not as durable as wool but they are much more plyable then thick gloves.

From: RonP
i would suggest checking out work gloves at ace hardware or one of the home improvement stores like lowes or home depot.

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