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APauls 19-Sep-22
From: APauls
I've dabbled in dragging a camera arm to the wood with me off and on over the past 20 years. My first one was a Gorilla or something. Prob 6 years ago I got a 4th Arrow. It works super nice, but it's it's own animal to carry to the woods.

Before this year I ordered a LWCG pocket arm or whatever it's called and this thing is the cat's meow. It's so light and takes up no space, goes on the tree dead silent and does what it needs to do with a small video camera. For a person who's 1st priority is hunting and maybe want to do some filming this is it. If your number one priority is filming then maybe you want something more substantial but this allows a guy to just hunt basically like normal without a giant setup, or pain setting it up in the tree. Highly highly recommend. I just went for a doe kill last night to get the string lubed for the season.

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