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Whitetail Deer
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bigwoodsbucks22 19-Sep-22
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KSflatlander 19-Sep-22
fdp 19-Sep-22
Schmitty78 19-Sep-22
bigswivle 19-Sep-22
Who here uses ozone for scent control? Thinking about building a small closet and buying a cheap ozone generator online. I play the wind every hunt but I have a lot of bedding areas where the deer can and will show up from any direction. Im getting really tired (especially early season) of having to wash my stuff literally every hunt if i get sweated up coming out. More often than not i just say screw it and solely rely on the wind but that has screwed me time and time again and i get mad at myself for not taking that extra step. Anyways, this is what i want to do so Im curious who else uses ozone and what your opinions are. The 2 things im most interested in are how it will effect my clothes (i know ozone is real bad for rubber), and how well this actually works. Could i get a little sweated up coming out from a morning hunt, throw my gear in the closet for 30 mins, and the ozone will basically take place of washing/drying my gear? Does it work that good?

From: LostnWoods
I have the duffle bag. Does it work I think so. I still wash my gear for a peace of mind...

From: KSflatlander
I use the scent crusher that has a built in timer. I hang my clothes in an armoire dresser and use the ozone generator for 30 minutes. I was my clothes if they get muddy. Ozone will destroy elastic bands on base layers.

With all that you still have to hunt the wind. No way around it. Nothing with eliminate deer smelling you.

From: fdp
Good friend of mine who is a very successful bowhunter swears by it.

From: Schmitty78
I use it on my clothes before every hunt. I’m sure The rubber in my camo will deteriorate faster, but in the two years I’ve been using it I think it works!

From: bigswivle
Killed the biggest deer of my life with that thing humming over my head. Deer was bedded sorta down wind of me for two hours, but he was up wind when committed and coming in. No idea weather it helped or not and I haven’t used it since. LOL. This was in Illinois, I’m not using it in Fl cause it’s just one more damn thing to tote in bow season when it’s 105 degrees

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