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Back tension release for hunting
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Ursman 22-Sep-22
Ogoki 23-Sep-22
Murph 23-Sep-22
fdp 23-Sep-22
Shiras42 23-Sep-22
midwest 23-Sep-22
RD in WI 23-Sep-22
Dino 23-Sep-22
From: Ursman
Tried a Stan back tension release for hunting this year. Didn’t like the results. Couldn’t get it to fire at the moment of truth. Is there a “can’t punch” release on the market today?

From: Ogoki
Look at the Scott Longhorn Hex . Been using it several years . Saw a Bill Winke YouTube video on it . Tried and liked it . I occasionally try a regular release and the ugly ,target panic kicks in . When I shoot a deer or bear ,I don't think.anything about it . My mind is just trained ,that when I hear the click , I just slowly follow thru. All mental.

From: Murph
I struggled with target panic for years and crumbled at the moment of truth for the last time about 6 yrs ago. started out with a longhorn hex at first it was better but before long made it even worse. Went to a true hinge and have never looked back. My only struggle has been shot timing I shoot it fairly static and when an animal is in front of you it’s sometimes hard to relax, but the shots I have made on game far out way any negative I started using a dudly 2 smooth after Terry peak TAC and I can aggressively roll through that release if need be but still execute a good pull through.. if you commit to it you’ll never look back but, it takes a lot of commitment and time..

From: fdp
Need to figure out WHY you couldn't activate the release. That could be an issue with the draw length of your bow.

From: Shiras42
When I was shooting compound I used a thumb release and it greatly improved my shooting as I was less punchy with it.

From: midwest
When your resistance release won't fire, it's because your bow arm shoulder is collapsing as you're pulling. Think about pushing with your bow arm as you pull and keeping that shoulder locked and low. I tend to struggle with this as well.

From: RD in WI
I used the SCAT release to fix my target panic. They sell them at Lancaster Archery. I used it for a month and now have no issues. If you buy one, use it exclusively for a month and then use a good index finger release like a Carter Two Shot for practicing and any release that you can "command fire" for hunting. It has worked for me. Now, I see where my arrow hit a deer only after it moves - because the pin is covering the entry hole. Good luck.

From: Dino
Command firing is what gets u into trouble in the first place… a tension release is a great slow u down mechanism to use in those hi intensity hunting situations. Likely better to slow down and not make the shot , rather than rush and make a poor or marginal shot.

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