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Aae prophecy thoughts
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chasintheslam 26-Sep-22
Beendare 26-Sep-22
JTreeman 26-Sep-22
APauls 26-Sep-22
Bowaddict 26-Sep-22
Pyrannah 26-Sep-22
Ermine 26-Sep-22
midwest 27-Sep-22
Been running a hamskea for awhile thinking about changing things up and wanted some opinions on the aae prophecy rest

From: Beendare
What model Hamskea… and what don’t you like about it?

I have the new one showing up today to replace my QAD

From: JTreeman
Why would you go from the best to anything else? ;)


From: APauls
You'll get to a biscuit yet....

From: Bowaddict
I used QAD for a number of years for a few reasons. One was getting the most out of my tight spot quiver. The Hamskea rests have always been great and well built, and a company full of great people! The newer versions are less bulky and allow me to get my quiver where I like it and all my bows have the new Hamskea on them now. Give the new version a try if you’re changing, I think you’ll be happy with it.

From: Pyrannah
treeman x2

From: Ermine
Hamskea is the best. Don’t switch

From: midwest
No experience with the AAE but that Hamskea Epsilon is damn near perfect.

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