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Tactacam lithium battery
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From: Lone Wolf
Has anyone tried the new lithium cartridge available for the reveal cameras?

From: spike78
I use regular CVS batteries and my Reveals last a year.

From: sundowner
Haven't used the lithium cartridge, but I've had lithium cells to last 9 months in a Tactacam Reveal in a very high deer and hog traffic area......thousands of great photos.

From: janesbenth
My Reveals last me a whole year on a set of standard CVS batteries. wordle unlimited

From: Lone Wolf
Lithiums work fine. I just wondered if anyone has tried the new cartridge. Thanks for responding.

I read about the new cartridges and a lot of people actually were saying that they don’t last nearly as long as a full set of lithium batteries. Some archery talk guys were saying lithium’s lasted 9 months, thousands of pics and the lithium pack only lasted 3-4 months

From: Overland
Energizer AA batteries seem to last a very, very long time for me, even in colder temperatures. No need to purchase the lithium cartridge, although I did see it for sale when I purchased another Reveal yesterday.

From: Wildan2
Purchased their solar charger(high traffic area) has been two months and still 100%.The battery pack(2)+charger is pricy.Good luck the Energizer lithium's.

From: RutnStrut
I love my Tactacams. But the lithium cartridge is junk. I bought one last month, charged it and put it in a cam. That cam dropped down to 60% in 2 days with less than 200 pics. It was dead a week later. I'll stick to Energizer lithiums and the Tactacam solar panels.

From: ILbowhntr
I’ve got the cartridge in 2 of my cameras. One been in since January, 580 pictures a month, and still at 80%.

From: APauls
I bought a lithium cartridge and used it a couple times. Not great is all I can say. I went back to using Kirkland AA alkaline's.

From: KSflatlander
I have 5 cartridges and 4 cameras and used the cartridges the first time last season. I just swap out the charged spare battery when needed and rotate them. The cartridges don't last as long but they lasted me 3-4 months. I like the cartridges as they work fine for my situation with the hunting property within 30 minutes of the house.

Note that there are Chinese knock offs out there and they are prevalent on eBay. Go with the Tactacam brand of cartridge.

From: JTreeman
I have 5-6 of the cartridges. They cost about the same as 2.5 sets of lithium AA if I recall. They don’t last as long as lithium in my experience. But I Feel longer than regular AA, burning have no data to confirm that.

The older TactaCam recommend no battery when using the solar panel. I use solar on almost all mine. I noticed the new instructions recommend using batteries (I think not 100% necessary though) so I’ve started using the battery packs with the solar. Hard to say if it makes any difference, but I have so many going and far between it seemed logical to me, and I hate dead batteries… so for my use (with solar) I’d say they are good, but as a standalone battery I would hold my judgment.


From: #bowhunter
Best thing for me, I have them in all my cams, with 1 extra, each time I go to a cam I just change batt, bring the other home and recharge it. No more 12 aa batteries for me

From: msdevilish
I've been in the market for something reliable for my outdoor equipment, and finding the right battery is crucial.

Speaking of which, if you're still on the hunt for info, I recently stumbled upon They've got this range of Lithium-Ion battery packs that have been a game-changer for me. Let me tell you, I've had my fair share of frustrations with batteries failing on me mid-shoot or during important outdoor trips.

But since switching to Lithium-Ion packs, it's been a whole different story. They're durable, long-lasting, and I've never had to worry about running out of juice unexpectedly.

From: molsonarcher
I have one of the lithium cartridges. It does not last as long as a regular set of Energizer Lithium AAs. Normal temp range it does ok, but still not as good as regular batteries. Cold weather below freezing, I got less than a week and under 400 pics. Im sticking with AAs.

From: xxsylasxx
I mean, think about it, without those little powerhouses, our phones would be dead in the water quicker than you can say "low battery warning."

Now, onto the topic at hand: "Are lithium-ion battery good for the environment?" Well, lemme break it down for ya. On one hand, yeah, they're pretty sweet. They're rechargeable, so you're not tossing out a bunch of disposable batteries all the time. Plus, they last longer, which means less waste in the long run. But, on the flip side, manufacturing them can be a bit rough on ol' Mother Earth. You got the whole mining thing, which ain't exactly eco-friendly, and then there's the disposal issue. Li-ion battery gotta be handled with care when they're toast 'cause they can be a real pain if they end up in the landfill.

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