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Searching for Eberlestock x2
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MA-PAdeerslayer 20-Nov-22
LC Archer 21-Nov-22
LC Archer 22-Nov-22
Scrappy 22-Nov-22
MA-PAdeerslayer 22-Nov-22
midwest 22-Nov-22
If anyones got one laying around they want to sell please PM me. Ideally looking for dry earth but For the right price I’ll settle for a different color.

From: LC Archer
Sent you a PM David

From: LC Archer
Anybody interested in an X2 it’s still available Thanks

From: Scrappy
Loved my x2 but you would have to be a midget for that thing to actually fit you.

All set with pack guys.. thank you!

Thanks again David.

From: midwest
That high waist belt is why I like it for wearing my saddle with pouches and not getting in the way of my climbing sticks when attached to the saddle while climbing.

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