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From: McCree
Planning to take the family, wife and 3 girls ages 8, 10 and 12, out west in January to see the winter and experience something different. We'd like to do a snowmobile trip in Yellowstone but otherwise no plans so I'm looking for recommendations. The snowmobile trip may be an issue since we don't have a 3rd legal driver for 3 kids but we're looking into that. I have one daughter who wants to try skiing, we've never snow skied. Just looking for fun places/things to do or see in Montana in January. Thanks!

Chico hot springs would be a good way to kill a day or 2.

From: DonVathome
Definitely go to Glacier NP for mountains. Not sure how access will be in January. It will be COLD. Kids a snowmobile and January sound to cold.

In Jackson WY it is typically around zero degrees at night and 20 for a high that time of year. Wind chill on a snowmobile would be significantly below zero. The elk refuge in Jackson is amazing. Elk, deer, lope, moose, sheep and bison can all be spotted in a couple hours. Maybe wolves.

I know you said MT but you also said Yellowstone.

I second Chico Hotsprings... Have never been in winter but have to imagine it would be nice.. There is a nice hotel in Billings (Bighorn Resort?) with a waterpark that we would always stay for a night before heading towards park area.

for skiing take a look at Red Lodge, Bridger Bowl, and Big sky...

Discovery Ski resort and just below for some ice-fishing on Georgetown lake for trout.

From: SBH

Corwin Hot springs is new, just past Chico and is a fun spot to hit too. You won't find as much hair in the pool as you will at Chico but I get the nostalgia of the Chico scene plus the bar is waaaay better at Chico anyways:) Bridger Bowl would be close for skiing if you're already in Paradise Valley where Chico is. If you're coming in through West Yellowstone you'll probably want to hit Big Sky. Bring an extra cc......this place has gotten out of control spendy. Feel free to hit me up with a PM. I'm in Bozeman, help you out however I can.

From: Grey Ghost
Yeah, I don’t see your girls enjoying a snow mobile ride In Montana In January. My Kansas hunting buddies struggled with it in Colorado in March. Hot springs and wildlife viewing from a heated rig is probably your best bet.


From: Pop-r
Just ride around all the lowland areas around creeks, rivers and pivots that are mostly ranches and loaded with game at that time. You can see literally thousands of deer, elk, antelope and more as alot of country in MT is void of game by then and they're bunched up in these areas. Take several sets of binocs.

From: rickepanton
When planning your Montana family trip in January, I recommend considering a visit to the beautiful Glacier National Park. Even in the winter, the snow-covered landscapes are truly breathtaking. You can explore the park through guided snowshoeing or cross-country skiing tours suitable for all ages. If you're interested in skiing, Whitefish Mountain Resort is a great choice, and they offer lessons for beginners. For accommodations, I recommend checking out savannah vacation rentals. They provide comfortable and convenient options for your stay. Additionally, you might want to explore winter wildlife tours in the region, offering a chance to spot majestic animals in their natural habitat.

From: fuzzy
Gonna be darned cold in January

From: Shiloh
We love Whitefish and Big Mountain!! Grew up skiing there and went back for the first time in a long time last year. Great time!! I have 3 kids as well….

From: hobbes
If you want much of a skiing experience, you better start praying for snow because we are at around 50% snow pack. We've also been unseasonably warm but a snowmobile ride in Yellowstone may be a little much for kids that age, but maybe not. Montana kids can often be found in shorts and tshirts in some pretty cold weather. My kids were out in it that age skiing and that's a pretty good windchill. You know your kids, so you'll have to be the judge of that.

If we start getting snow, are you ready to deal with driving on the roads? Some folks are not.

Big Sky lift ticket prices are off the charts in my opinion and no way I'll spend that for a day of skiing. It depends what you are accustomed to skiing. If Paoli is your experience, Showdown or Discovery will be fun if we get snow and likely more suited to your skill level. If CO or UT is your experience, you'll probably want something bigger and may not have sticker shock.

A hot springs is really nice when it's cold out, so that's a good recommendation.

From: IsaacMoore
A family trip to Montana in January sounds like an amazing adventure! Yellowstone is a fantastic choice for a winter experience. While the snowmobile trip may need some logistics, it's definitely worth it. For your daughter who wants to try skiing, Montana offers great ski resorts like Big Sky, Whitefish, and Bridger Bowl. They have slopes suitable for beginners, so it's a perfect place to start. For more ideas and pet-friendly accommodations in Montana, you can check out . It's a helpful resource for planning a memorable trip.

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