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AZ WTF? Again
Whitetail Deer
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akbow 01-Dec-22
Bou'bound 01-Dec-22
Rgiesey 01-Dec-22
BOHNTR 01-Dec-22
drycreek 01-Dec-22
Treeline 01-Dec-22
PushCoArcher 01-Dec-22
akbow 01-Dec-22
smarba 01-Dec-22
Nick Muche 01-Dec-22
sneakem 01-Dec-22
From: akbow
I know I complain about AZ’s draw system too much and you AZ’ers can dismiss me-feel free to stop reading. I know this isn’t a reflection of AZonans in general- I’ve been hunting there since 2001 off and on. Super awesome stateand some of my favorite out of state friends there. However- the draw system and election process is a travesty! I’ve been trying to get a Coues deer tag to get out of my minus 20 hell in a month and can’t get through. It’s just a jumbled up mess! Flame on!

From: Bou'bound
Thanks for sharing

From: Rgiesey
It may just be that I’m not qualified to hunt in this computer age. Couldn’t get it done.

Everyone I’ve heard from said it was pretty easy to buy their NR OTC deer tag???

From: drycreek
Somebody complaining on Texas Bowhunter last night about the website crashing each time he tried to get a license. Where there’s smoke……….

From: Treeline
Easy-peasy for me.

Can you still buy a NR OTC tag for '22? I might be able to get down in December.

From: PushCoArcher
I know a group of 4 that logged on to get tags last night and all had the site crash while trying to get their tags at least once if not multiple times. But apparently persistence does pay off as they all ended up with tags.

From: akbow
Crazy! I could never get through. I ended up having a buddy from OR getting my tag. Maybe it’s an internet connectivity issue? Either way-AZ has to get better IT personnel. Maybe they are ran by the Maricopa County election division of Fish and Game?

From: smarba
Zero issues for me.

From: Nick Muche
Glad you got your tag Ken! Good luck and have fun!

From: sneakem
Same here, crashed several times, took almost an hour to finally get through.

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