Roosevelt's Amazon Expedition
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standswittaknife's Link
For those of you podcast listeners check out Against the odds: Roosevelt's Amazon Expedition. As a matter of fact all of Against the odds podcasts are pretty amazing. The USS Indianapolis is incredible. That being said... very good listen. It's tax season for this cpa, so podcasts at night are a plus...

From: Rgiesey
Just read a Roosevelt book. Mostly North Dakota but the Amazon story was amazing.

From: KSflatlander
River of Doubt is a good book about Roosevelt’s trip down the Amazon. The Explorers podcast also has a series on the trip.

From: Fuzz
Just finished "River of Doubt" last week. Very good book that gives a lot of insight to the Roosevelt family, exploration and the obstacles they overcame on that journey.

From: Treeline
River of Doubt is definitely a great read! Just read it a couple of weeks back.

From: bghunter
It was a very good book. I am hoping to read his African Game trails book, but I need to finish the Band of Brothers first.

From: fuzzy
We need a Teddy Roosevelt now

From: WhattheFOC
I had no idea they had Amazon back then.

From: Buffalo1
According to modern history writers - Roosevelt founded PETA !

From: Horn Hustler
Have a first edition East of the sun and west of the Moon by TR. With his brother Kermit in India very good read.

Founded first third party too. Bh

From: BTM
Another thumbs-up for River of Doubt. A while back I "followed" his route on Google Earth. (It's called Rio Roosevelt IIRC.)

I have a “through the Brazilian wilderness” book written by him, but I believe it’s a first or second edition (didn’t know that when I bought it) and am almost scared to read it in fear of damaging it. Will have to pick up River of Doubt to not be scared the whole read

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