Trophy Pictures gone? Pat?
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Paul@thefort 10-Mar-23
Quinn @work 10-Mar-23
Roger 10-Mar-23
sticksender 10-Mar-23
brettpsu 10-Mar-23
Pat Lefemine 10-Mar-23
70lbDraw 10-Mar-23
From: Paul@thefort
Pat, I noticed that some BS members Trophy Photos are gone and some are still there. Mine are all gone. Is there a plan to eliminate all of them for all members? Paul

From: Quinn @work

You've reached your bowsite limit and are cancelled. Bowsite is making room for the new photos for X-Site. All my photos are gone too? LOL.

From: Roger
When I click on someone else's profile, and then click on their trophy photos, a "delete" button appears. I've never clicked it, but seems weird that there would be a button for deleting someone else's trophy report.

From: sticksender
I'm guessing you have more than one registration, and you have logged into the lesser-used one. Check this:

From: brettpsu
Seems like any picture that I lost from my computer was also removed from bowsite. Any pic that's still on my computer still shows up on bowsite

From: Pat Lefemine
Nothing was changed, and no trophy photos were removed. Like Sticksender points out, it appears you created a new registration Paul. Your trophy photos are attached to your original registration only. Instead of creating a new registration, you should just reclaim your old registration.

Brettspu, we have no access or linkage to anything on anyone's PC. Only photos uploaded to us are available via Bowsite. We're not like Facebook, and other social media sites, we don't have any hooks into your PC. It's impossible.

From: 70lbDraw
“We're not like Facebook, and other social media sites, we don't have any hooks into your PC. It's impossible.”

Hence, the reason Bowsite is my only trustworthy form of social media…Thanks Pat!!!

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