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From: goelk
In Colorado, you can hunt on your own land without a license if you are a resident of the state and the land is designated as your primary residence. If you are a non-resident, you must have a license to hunt on any land in the state. There is no law that you are required to have a license. I assume you have to follow the hunting laws and bag limits so you must have to have a hunting license. Totally confused! Help Private owners

From: Huntiam
U Can In Virginia

In CT, a landowner (of sufficient acreage, which I think is about 10) may receive a free landowner hunting permit, subject to all other regulations and restrictions. Landowner permits may actually have fewer tags associated than a bowhunter gets, but I think they are free to apply for whatever additional licenses they wish.

In CO, I never heard of such a thing.

From: fdp
I suspect the "resident of the state" and "primary residence" wording likely requires a license if you are an absentee owner. Maybe not, but that would be my guess.

From: HDE
In NM, the carcass needs to have a tag fixed when it leaves the private ground. The tag is supposed to stay with the carcass and edible portions while in storage if taken on public ground or transported off of private.

From: StickFlicker
I don't know the answer to your question, but I'm guessing that there may be a big difference, in those states that have such laws, between hunting small game and big game.

From: RK

303 297-1192 Colorado wildlife headquarters. They open at 8 am Mountain time in the morning.

I think that would be where I would start. It will insure that you don't get more of "that would be my guess" answers, that just will end wrong

Good Luck !!

In Vermont a land owner and his minor children can hunt his land without a license. There is also a lottery antler less permit system Land owners get preferential treatment for that as well It they have more than 25 acres of un posted land .

From: Pat Lefemine
I’m allowed to hunt and trap my farm in Ohio without needing a license or tags. But since I hunt coyotes on neighbors I am required to buy a general hunting license.

For My land In NY I’m required to buy licenses and tags. There’s no way NY is gonna give anything away for free when they can gouge the crap out of them instead.

From: Ziek
"In Colorado, you can hunt on your own land without a license if you are a resident of the state and the land is designated as your primary residence. "

goelk, where did you ever read that? Everyone needs a license to hunt in Colorado.

From: jordanathome

jordanathome's Link

From: Ben
In Kansas if you own 80 acres or more you can buy a landowner permit to hunt on your own land at a reduced rate for the permit. You still have to have a tag for the species you are hunting.

From: tradi-doerr
+1 Ziek, In Colorado you need a hunting license to hunt ANY WILD game animals in the state weather it's private/public land, the wild game is owned by 'The People' of the state and NOT idividuals. ONLY pen/farm raised deer/elk/fowl can be hunted without a state hunting license, other words a game farm and then only on that said property-those are not wild game animals.

From: JohnMC
Jordan that was the biggest mess of information I have read. Sounded like a Biden speech.

From: Bigdog 21
IL if you have 40 acres all permits are free.

“ Jordan that was the biggest mess of information I have read. Sounded like a Biden speech.”

Or any other politician, for that matter. That’s what happens when the Humans let the Algorithms decide what’s best, and I’ve been saying for 20 years that there is no algorithm smart enough to know when it’s being stupid.

“ IL if you have 40 acres all permits are free.”

If that’s true for NR landowners, my brother and I should be making Plans….

From: PushCoArcher
Resident owners or tenants, their spouses, parents, grandparents, children and their spouses, grandchildren and their spouses who fish in private ponds on land owned or leased by such owner or tenant are exempt from a fishing licenseResident landowners or tenants who hunt only on land owned or agriculturally leased by them (not including hunting leases) are exempt from the hunting license.Resident landowners who hunt waterfowl and other migratory game birds only on their own property are exempt from the Oklahoma waterfowl license and HIP requirements.Only resident landowners or tenants or such individuals’ children who trap on land owned or agriculturally leased by such owners or agricultural lessees (not including hunting leases) are exempt from purchasing a trapping license.Persons residing in another state who own land in Oklahoma but do not live on that land are considered nonresidents and are not exempt.

Here's the rules in Oklahoma. Basically a landowner is his own little lord exempt from buying pesky tags and hunting licenses. Resident licenses and tags are cheap across the board. If you can pay property tax a $20 tag shouldn't be a problem. Wild animals aren't private property even when on private property. So why should a landowner be able to harvest that public resource without paying the same fees as everyone else who uses the resource?

From: Jaquomo
Goelk, not in CO You are ELIGIBLE to APPLY for a landowner voucher if you have the requisite acreage and have registered it in the program. But that is not a guarantee you'll draw a landowner license.

From: elkpacker
Yeah but my wife will not let me hunt on her land

In Illinois you get 1 set of shotgun deer tags and 1 set of archery tags for deer, and 1 turkey tag for spring. You still have to buy a hunting license

From: pirogue
The fact that so many states have different policy on this probably leads many landowners(who are considered NRs) to hunt on their own land and not purchase a license. They already pay taxes to the state on their property, anyway, and feel justified in what they’re doing. Don’t blame em a bit. If I own and pay taxes on more than 40 acres in a state, I shouldn’t have to pay for a NR hunting and Trapping license.

From: PECO2
"In Colorado, you can hunt on your own land without a license if you are a resident of the state and the land is designated as your primary residence." If this is true, I've been doing it wrong!

From: milnrick
In TN the landowner is exempt from having a license, but they must register deer and turkeys harvested. When registering the harvests landowners will enter their name, status as a landowner and the parcel/plat info.

We've got 66 acres and plenty of deer, BUT buy licenses because we hunt turkey (and yotes) on our neighbors place.

From: deerhunter72
In Illinois, you can also get deer and turkey tags for your children from IDNR at no cost.

From: APauls
Heck no. In Canada soon we prob won't be allowed to hunt at all.

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