This Is Why We Collect Antlers
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From: DL

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When your wife asks why are you collecting antlers. This is why, tell her just in case.

From: Woods Walker
The three, "S's" would have been a better choice.

But it's really sad when a person has to do the job that the government ISN'T doing!

From: Woods Walker
EXACTLY! What does anyone need an assault shed for anyway? Sheds of war!

I’m not saying that I would be OK with that guy’s presence in my neighborhood, let alone his “sure looks like he’s still trying” behavior, but this is really not funny. Vigilantism is one mighty small step from the collapse of the rule of law, and that’s not a good deal…

From: t-roy
Obviously, Minnesota needs to institute APR. Can’t say that I wouldn’t have reacted in a similar manner to this disgusting predator, than what this innocent little girl’s father did.

IMO, ridiculous plea bargains, light sentences, and cheap/no bail releases are a MUCH bigger threat to the rule of law, than vigilantism.

From: JohnMC

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The only collapse of rule of law I am seeing is not enforcing the laws and criminals get away with what ever they want many times without even a slap on the wrist. Here another example out of your great state of CT GF y....f of murderers being set free. If someone murders someone or molest a child, that person should be locked up and the key thrown away. IMO

I have no real problem with life sentences for sexual offenders or murderers. Life sentences aren’t cheap, but I think the are less costly than the appeals process on a death sentence, and a conviction can be overturned. But when people start dishing out capital punishment based on their own say-so…. That’s no different than a lynch mob.

Didn’t realize that I’m personally responsible for the failures of my state’s legal system.

From: Tjm1534
Some people must never watch the news,it’s unbelievable the number of people charged with sex crimes rape and abduction of women.And they turn them back out .There is one that want molest again.

From: Supernaut
Not all heroes wear capes, some wield moose antlers.

From: Buckdeer
A guy in Kansas found a body while shed hunting this weekend,you just never know when you might need one.

From: Rut Nut
I noticed the same thing Scoot!

I think the judge that sentenced that predator to “Zero to 5 years in jail” for raping a child should get some vigilante justice too! : ( The skum only served 2 years.....................

From: fuzzy
Yeah the modern press is nuts. I am not in favor of vigilante acts but I'm not sure I'd have not done the same.

From: Copperhead
The dad should have just started creeping on the sex offender the way he was creeping on the child. Follow him park close to him keep watching him. Those types usually don't like being watched. When my uncle, who has now passed, was a Police Officer in a small town knew someone was selling drugs or doing things unlawful but couldn't prove it. He would just sit where he could watch them while he was on patrol and they would usually get the hint and move on.

From: drycreek
The rule of law is a damned farce in big dem controlled cities already. Perps turned loose on the streets like they were picked up for jaywalking. If you don’t like vigilante justice you may want to move to Switzerland or some other “safe” country. I think this one is gonna get western in a few years.

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