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I have sent some private messages recently . Is there a way to see what I sent? I do see replies if folks respond.

From: JTreeman
No way to check sent messages that I’m aware of.


From: fdp
15-Mar-23 have to keep them in a Word doc. or something similar.

From: DanaC
Only if the person replies. If you want to 'record' your outgoing stuff, compose it in a text editor, save it, then copy-and-paste it into the messaging page. (PITA, I know.)

From: DanaC
Or you could take a 'snapshot' of your message before hitting 'send'

From: BullBuster
All my archived PMs disappeared months ago. What’s with that? I messaged Bowsite help several times but no answer.

From: KHNC
I have not been able to start a new post in the "General" forum for two years now. A few issues for sure.

From: Huntcell
No worries with the massive layoffs at Facebook and Meta there should be a cracker jack IT person that BOWSITE can scoop up that should be able to tweek the very few minor short coming your currently experiencing.

From: Orion
yeah and maybe we can get an actual functioning search function

From: midwest
Maybe we could get a couple “fact checkers”, too!

From: 70lbDraw
“Maybe we could get a couple “fact checkers”, too!”

We have them already. We call them bowlibs. They know all the facts, and, they know if you’re a racist or not. They’re quite legendary…Just ask em’!!! Lol!

From: Blood
BullBuster, your archived messages only stay archived for about a month….. then they get trashed.

From: Ben
That is why when I make trades or buy and sell I do all dealing on text or e-mail. Both sides of the understanding are recorded.

From: Shug
Message them and ask them if they got it?

From: APauls
First thing you want to do via PM is attempt to move it over to text if you want more than one message going back and forth. PM's are painful.

From: Woods Walker
Copy and then paste it to an email that you send to yourself.

From: cnelk
The first thing I do if someone sends me a PM - I send them my email address

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